Monday, March 28, 2011

PEDRAM VALIANI - Discography [2010]

Genre - Post-rock | Djent | Ambient | Progressive Metal
Country - UK (Scotland)
Sounds like - Periphery, Cloudkicker, Hammock, Explosion In The Sky...
Label - Unsigned

"Dissolver" by Pedram Valiani
Djent Metal
"WE" (Are)
01. (We) will reunite again one day
02. We made it to shore and found nothing but solitude
03. We took a deep breath and leapt into the ocean
04. Aurora borealis
05. The Canyon
Instrumental post-rock, close from Hammock or TWDY.
"Daylight saving time" by Pedram Valiani
Instrumental djent metal.

"Knives" from his band Sectioned
Djent metal with ambiances.

Really amazing artist, at ease as the post-rock side as the technical-metal side. Great discovery, I highly recommand the demo "WE". And big thanks to him to share his work with us.

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