Wednesday, March 30, 2011

THE YELLOW SIGN - Post oblivion (EP) [2011]

Genre - Post-deathcore | Death-metal | Progressive
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Contortionist, Fallujah, Oceano, In-Quest
Label - Unsigned
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01. Exodus
02. Wormwood
03. Creature
04. Ancient [2010]

Over the last 3 years, progressive death metal act THE YELLOW SIGN has slowly gained acclaim nationwide from both music fans and musicians for their signature sound and live show. The relentlessly DIY band has spread influence throughout the metal community, self-released 2 albums, self-produced music videos, appeared in magazines and toured the US all without label or industry support. Meticulously crafting a duality of devastating heaviness and swirling melodies, with atmosphere and flow unique among their peers THE YELLOW SIGN has put themselves in position to break onto the world stage while keeping true to what fans have loved about them from the beginning. 5 dudes who love pizza, nerd shit and headbanging. In the fall of 2010 we called it quits.

RIP...fuck why bests bands broken up while others gays continue to make shit!!

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