Friday, March 30, 2012

CARDONA - Seasons (EP) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Djent | Ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - Legend, Northlane, Volumes
Label - Unsigned

01. Insight
02. Our Thoughts Manifest This World
03. Seasons (ft. Daniel Adel)
04. Ariadne
05. Providence
06. Atlantis

LINEAR BELLS - Los Angels [2012]

Genre - Ambient | Shoegaze | Soundscape
Country - USA
Label - Unsigned


NATIVE CONSTRUCT - Chromatic aberration (SINGLE) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Experimental | Symphonic
Country - USA
Influences - Dream Theater, Textures, Between The Buried & Me
Label - Unsigned

01. Chromatic aberration


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Genre - Progressive | Post-deathcore
Country - USA
Sounds like - Substructure, The Contortionist, After The Burial
Label - Unsigned

01.The Ecclesiastical Fallacy
02.Dissimulative Ocular
03.Vectors : A Kaleidoscopic Descent

WHAT THE BLOOD REVEALED - Harbour of devils [2012]

What the Blood Revealed is an instrumental rock band from Irvine on the West Coast of Scotland. We came together in 2004 and have created a sound influenced by such giants of the leftfield as Isis, Neurosis and Mogwai. We find our inspiration in science, and the truths it reveals. We have released two well received EPs which have found their way to friends in 5 continents and have recently finished recording an album with Ross McGowan (United Fruit, Danananackroyd) which was mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago (Om, Grails, Young Widows). The album comes out in March 2012 on Field Records.

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal
Country - Scotland
Influences - Isis, Neurosis, Mogwai...
Label - Field Record

01. Embrace The Rational And Seek The Truthful
02. To Travel Deadly Ground
03. Waiting For The Storm
04. The Streets Ran Red With The Blood Of The Pious
05. Eyes To The Horizon
06. The Corporation As We Know It Is Dead, Dead, Dead
07. Cast Adrift In A Harbour Of Devils

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SARAH LONGFIELD - Zeal (EP) [2011]

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal | Experimental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Bulb, Scale The Summit, Circle Of Contempt
Label - Unsigned

02.Abstract Fascination
04.The Fl(u)x
05.Dissonance In Aria

Good djent. You can buy her last EP "Par avion" here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FENG SHUI - Music for balanced living [2009]

The Feng Shui: Music for Balanced Living CD by Daniel May provides a soundscape of simple, comforting melodies purposefully created to enhance the benefits of Feng Shui, and help bring a sense of balance and calm to the listener. Instrumentation includes shakuhachi, shamisen, erhu, cello & percussion.

Genre - Ambient | Classical | Traditional Asian Music
Label - Avalon Records

01. Metal
02. Wood
03. Water
04. Fire
05. Earth
06. Wind
07. Chi
08. Yin and Yang

Few information on this artist, please tell me if you find anything on it. Great soundscape music by the way, really relaxing.

IN TRENCHES - Sol obscura (EP) [2012]

Genre - Hardcore | Sludge | Progressive
Country - Australia
Influences - converge, cult of luna, misery signals, isis, coalesce
Label - Independant

01. Beneath
02. Hollow Heart
03. An Impending Collapse
04. Distant
05. Silhouettes

Friday, March 23, 2012

COTIDAL - EP1 [2012]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Progressive
Country - UK
Influences - Cult of Luna, Isis, Neurosis, Pink Floyd
Label - Unsigned

02.Aurora Transmission
04.With People
05.Out Of Nowhere, Nothing Came
06.Of Rust

Great EP. Thanks to the artist for the request.

I WAS A COSMONAUT HERO - I was a cosmonaut hero (EP) [2012]

Formé fin 2009 à Besançon, le groupe se compose de cinq musiciens. I WAS A COSMONAUT HERO s'oriente vers une musique sincère, agressive et teintée de mélodies chaotiques. A la croisée du post hardcore et du screamo. Les textes interrogent la vie, les rapports humains et la place de l'individu dans la société. De ce partage est né un son tourmenté, nerveux et abrasif. C'est en 2010 que le groupe monte pour la première fois sur scène et enchaîne quelques dates dans sa région natale aux côtés nottament de Brume Retina ou même Revok. De nombreux projets sont prévus pour 2011/2012 dont la sortie du premier EP en mars 2012 pour conclure ces deux années de travail intensif ainsi que pour aiguiser un post hardcore mélodique et chaotique sur les routes.

Genre - Post-hardcore | Ambient | Screamo
Country - France
Sounds like - Fall Of Efrafa, Daitro, Gantz, Mihai Edrisch, Tesa, Envy, Aussitôt Mort
Label - Unsigned

01.Des Visages Calcinés
03.Le Navire de l'Hypocrisie
04.Un monde à notre image

Thursday, March 22, 2012

ARBOR LIGHTS - Arbor lights (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Indie
Country - UK
Influences - EITS, GY!BE, Mogwai, Mono, Sigur Ros, Oceansize
Label - Unsigned

01.El Arborlito
02.The Saviours Of Zombie Ska
04.Constants (Part 2)

WHEN GIANTS COLLIDE - ...No one is safe (EP) [2011]

Genre - Post-Metalcore | Melodic Hardcore
Country - UK
Sounds like - Rooks, Legend, For The Fallen Dreams
Label - Unsigned

01. Wasteland
02. Codename 47
03. Defcon
04. Balboa
05. Swansong


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TERRAFORMER - The sea shaper [2012]

Genre - Math-rock | Stoner | Post-metal
Country - Belgium
Influences - Burst, Mastodon, Pelican, Scale The Summit
Label - Dunk Records

05.pieuvre méduse
06.dear captain
07.cross bearing
08.trail of lena
10.dragon poulpe
12.glassy sea, sinking ship

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ATLANTIS - Mistress of ghosts [2011]

Genre - Post-rock | Experimental
Country - Netherlands
Label - Field Records

01.White Russians
02.Mata Hari's Kiss
03.She Loves All
05.Sweet Venom
06.To Catch A Voyeur
08.Inhale The Sun
09.Give Me One More Hour

ATLAS - Make the world burn (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Post-grunge
Country - UK
Label - Unsigned

02.Another Fire Inside
03.Eyes Are Lightning
04.Jinx 06:02
05.Blood And Sand


Monday, March 19, 2012

GRU - Cosmogenesis [2010]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Instrumental | Jazz
Country - Poland
Sounds like - Exivious, Fredrik Thordendal, Animals As Leaders,  Keith Merrow
Label - Unsigned

01. Universe
02. Nebula
03. Pulsar
04. Fermi Paradox
05. Stellar
06. Aurora
07. Andromeda
08. Zeta Reticuli

Impressive onemanband.


Vengeance From The Sky is a band from the Boston/Rhode Island area that is carving their own place in the metal scene. Offering a slightly different take on the genre, listeners can expect spacey, atmospheric twists combined with brutal polyrhythmic beats, punishing guitars and widely-influenced vocals that interweave in a way that will surely catch the attention of most metal fans.

Genre - Progressive Metal | Djent | Experimental
Country - USA
Label - Unsigned

01. Infinity
02. Cygnus
03. The Day It All Changed
04. Impending Impact
05. Sentience
06. L.U.C.A. (Instrumental Version)
07. Unraveling
08. Mechafate
09. Light Years Inside
10. When the Clouds Burn Red
11. Observer
12. The Window

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FREESSCAPE - Next confusion [2007]

This duo was formed in 2003 by singer, songwriter and cellist Emi Evans and multi instrumentalist, composer and arranger Hiroyuki Muneta. Employing a slightly elusive style of UK chill out, soaring melodies and sensitive vocals, freesscape now operate under their own label, freesscape music where they are creating hard to promote emotionally honest, uninhibited music.

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Trip-hop
Country - Japan
Sounds like - Björk, Sarah Fimm, Tori Amos
Label - Unsigned
Facebook || Youtube

01. Eternal Haze
02. Golden Spectrum
03. Corners
04. Picture Frame
05. Detour
06. T&C
07. Sit Down
08. Reply
09. Next Confusion
10. Made My Peace
11. Cosmos
12. Next Confusion (original version)
13. Cows

Thursday, March 15, 2012

ASTRALIA - Astralia (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Post-metal
Country - Spain
Influences - Isis, Jakob, Russian Circles
Label - Unsigned

01.Northern Horizons
04.Midnight Sun
05.Mistral Roars


SENPAI - They Say Just Wait Till Morning (EP) [2012]

Genre - Trip-hop | Ambient | Classical
Country - USA
Influences - Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Witness, Emancipator, Toe...
Label - Cult Classic Records

02.Hanami feat. Kitty Wong
03.Stones Over Styx (Thomas Prime Remix)
04.Mystical Journey feat. Kondor
05.What's Left Behind
06.Do You feat. Avens & Jas Mace

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OF LEGEND - Cleric of Samsara [2010]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Post-hardcore
Country - Greece
Sounds like - Cult Of Luna, Voyager, Shriner
Label - Unsigned

01. Intro
02. Asleep at the Edge
03. Poseidon Swims
04. Burial in Light
05. The Cleric

CHEMTRAIL - Youth obsessed death culture [2011]

Chemtrail assembled and began constructing songs in the early months of 2006. The musical background of Chemtrail's members is a diverse one. Their resumés boast a history of punk rock, stoner rock, emo and metal bands ... all of which can be be found evident in certain parts of their song writing. Their music contains no vocals; they are an instrumental band whose songs communicate through raw emotion rather than lyrical messages. Loud-quiet-loud, inspirational build-ups and heart-wrenching soundscapes are all constituents of Chemtrail's sound.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - USA
Sounds like - Caspian, CUTE, Deadhorse, Moonlit Sailor
Label - Unsigned

01.Peace Weapon
02.Honorable Mention
03.Space Invaders
04.Mischief Night
05.Means to an End
06.Safety Feature
07.Solid Ground
08.Think Tank
09.Escape Artist

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OMERTAH - Essence (DEMO) [2012]

Omertah was formed only in late august of 2011 (by former members of Execute My Liberty band), but first thoughts about band's conception and style mixing (djent/atmospheric) cited in year of 2009 by both current guitarists. But their occupation in other musical projects prevented them to collaborate with each other, for more then one demo-track, recorded in 2009.
Years have passed and unnamed forsaken project was renewed. The conception was enhanced with today's trends and first demo was out in september, 2011. After almost half an year band recorded 5 demo-tracks for the upcoming album, which will include 7 tracks in total. It's important to mention, that Omertah is not instrumental project. From the beginning, band has been searching for vocals, but this vacancy is free so far.

Genre - Post-rock | Progressive Metal | Ambient
Country - Ukraine
Influences - Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Tesseract, Periphery, Animals As Leaders
Label - Unsigned

01.Off World

IF THESE TREES COULD TALK - Red forest [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Progressive
Country - USA
Sounds like - Pg. Lost, Tides From Nebula, Russian Circles
Label - Self Release/Science of Silence(vinyl)/The Mylene Sheath(vinyl)

01. Breath Of Life
02. The First Fire
03. Barren Lands Of The Modern Dinosa
04. They Speak With Knives
05. The Gift Of Two Rivers
06. Red Forest
07. The Aleutian Clouds
08. Left To Rust And Rot
09. When The Big Hand Buries The Twelve

Highly recommended.

Monday, March 12, 2012

INTO THE MOAT - The campaign [2009]

Genre - Mathcore | Hardcore | Progressive
Sounds like - Ion Dissonance
Country - USA
Bitrates - 320kbps
Label - Metal Blade Records

01. The Last Century
02. From 1,000 Meters
03. Advocate V. Activist
04. The Fuhrer
05. Grunt
06. Law Of Conservation
07. The Siege Of Orleans
08. The Hermit


SLICE THE CAKE - The man with no face [2012]

Genre - Technical Death | Progressive Deathcore
Country - Australia, England, Sweden
Sounds like - The Faceless, Conducting From The Grave, Aversions Crown, Aristeia
Label - Myriad Records

01. Intro
02. Rational Thinking, Logical Future
03. City Of Ghosts
04. Time Unwinding
05. Of Gallows
06. As Written In Pnakotus
07. Promethean
08. Equilibrium
09. The Chasm
10. The Man With No Face

MEMOIRS - We fall apart (DEMO) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Djent | Ambient
Country - Australia
Sounds like - Scale The Summit, Cloudkicker, Sikth
Label - Unsigned

02.What Doesn't Dream
03.We Fall Apart

Friday, March 9, 2012

ARSIESYS - Why do you wake up so soon ? Why do you leave me so soon ? [2012]

Arsiesys is a musical project created in 2010, in Paris, France, by Guillaume Apoc Dessery, founding member of Exilym.
Through its ethereal sounds, borrowing from some post-rock and ambient melodies, sometimes with retro touch, Arsiesys depicts a world full of pessimism, where the main theme orbits around the end of the world for man, or even the universe.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Progressive
Country - France
Influences - Exilym, Sigur Ros, EITS, Russian Circles, Mono, Shora, The Evpatoria Report
Label - Unsigned

01. Why do you wake up so soon ?
02. Why do you leave me so soon ?

HANDS OF THE TEMPLAR - Discography [2011 - 2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - Australia
Label - Unsigned

Explore [2012]
01. Explore

56 minutes and 20 seconds of improvisation exploration complete with live jet sound effects flying overhead.


Hands Of The Templar [2011]
02.I Wish I Could Fly
03.Blue Sky

Thursday, March 8, 2012

DEADHORSE - Live at The Office Recording Studio [2011]

Deadhorse is a post-rock/instrumental band from Erie, PA. Forming in August of 2009, they are quickly becoming known as a hard-working and sincere new face in the touring underground. With national tours and independent album releases spreading like wildfire through relentless online promotion, the sounds of Deadhorse are reaching new audiences all around the globe each and every day. With a wide range of dynamic, control and power, Deadhorse not only creates an epic atmosphere for the listener to get sucked into, but also maintains a crucial intimate connection with subtle builds, graceful strings, and gentle classical-driven melodies.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Experimental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Pg. Lost, Sleep Dealer, Canyonofstatic
Label - Broken Circles Records

01.No Particular Night or Morning
02.Dreaming in the Face of Disaster
04.New Bones
05.Last Night of the World

DORTHAL - Cell regeneration (EP) [2012]

Genre - Math-metal | Progressive | Jazz
Country - France
Influences - Meshuggah, Periphery, Tesseract, Vildhjarta, Textures, Gojira, Animals as Leaders...
Label - Unsigned

01. Salamander
02. Extracellular Matrix
03. Supra-membrane
04. DNA Degeneration
05. Organic Matter
06. Membrane

Excellent french onemanband. EP mastered by Acle Kahney (Tesseract)

CONDRE SCR - Discography [2006 - 2012]

The instrumental music of Condre Scr is a fusion of contoured rock music, rich textured ambient sounds and crystal clear noise. Haunting harmonies, delicate melodies, fibrous drumming and a sense for subtle drones weave multi-layered soundscapes of gloomy sublimeness. Dense atmosphere seeps out slowly, alternating between hopeful and dark moods.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - Germany
Sounds like - Caspian, Codes In The Cloud, TWDY, Giants
Label - Oxide Tones

You Are Genius [2012]
01. Boca
02. Bogatell (free)
03. The Excellent Cook
04. Remo Boys
05. Jerome
06. Fram
07. Ask The Ones You Know
08. Kong Me

Jar Marsen [2006]
01. Kleiner Saal
02. Vflak
03. Laubwand
04. Mmont Tandem
05. Temsen

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MEMONGREL - Etymology [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Ambient | Djent
Country - Germany
Sounds like - Bulb, Cloudkicker, Animals As Leader
Label - Unsigned

01. Abyss
02. SiRious
03. F$#%
04. Fade
05. White Noise
06. Chi
07. Sane
08. Blow

NYCTALGIA - Time changed everything (EP) [2009]

Nyctalgia was founded somewhen in winter 2007. Band-founder Silvio is still looking for some other people to join it. The first demo called "Time changed everything" was released on 20th august 2009 and contains five songs of ambient and classical influenced Post-rock. There are no specific plans for the future, but Nyctalgia won't stop now...

Genre - Dark-ambient | Classical | Shoegaze
Country - Switzerland
Sounds like - A melancholic autumn aternoon under the rain...
Label - Unsigned

01. Nyctalgia
02. Time Changed Everything...
03. Remains of a Blue Rose
04. Mira...
05. Falling into nothingness

Beautiful melancholic ambient & instrumental music. Really great discovery.

OBSTACLES - Oscillate (EP) [2011]

Genre - Psychedelic Math-Rock | Fusion | Jazz
Country - Denmark
Label - Play/Rec

01.Trajectory of Loose Ends
04.Sleeping Pills

By request. Excellent instrumental prog band.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NAHRAYAN - The Beginning of the End · The End of the Beginning [2012]

"Nahrayan died in 2.006. Now, Julián Velasco (guitars) and Miguel A. Fernández(drums) have decided to resurrect the band, recording 7 songs (one of them unreleased) with a new point of view. 
 The album is finished and we are finishing the last details to edit a 2Lp in a co-edition with various labels and a cd special limited edition. Maybe in the future with the album edited, we search for new musicians to return to stage...but...who knows...
'The beginning of the end - the end of the beginning' is our new studio album after 6 years. Is a collection of our best songs (in our opinion) with a new lyrical concept, about the Apocalypse of mankind, the death of the Sun and of course, the death of the Earth."

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Doom
Country - Spain
Influences - Neurosis, Anathema, Breach, Katatonia, Zao, My dying Bride, Cult of Luna, Daylight dies, Callisto, The Gathering, Sigur Ros, Nasum
Label - Unsigned

01. Demons Without Face
02. Barathrum Fields
03. When Sun Sets Down
04. Red Moon Last Sunrise
05. A Dying Sun
06. Hollow Grief
07. The End

By band request.

Monday, March 5, 2012

AFTERNOON - Between [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - Thailand
Sounds like - Codes In The Clouds, Caspian, Inspirative
Bitrates - 192kbps
Label - Unsigned

01.Scientist and Destroyer I
02.พายุ รถไฟ
03.Bed Trip
04.Thomas Alva Edison
05.Scientist and Destroyer II

ASCARIASIS - Ocean of colour (EP) [2012]

Ascariasis embodies a new breed of modern Canadian metal. Hailing from Burlington, Ontario – this four piece brings a unique mix of crushing brutality, agonizing passages and soaring melodies. With influences ranging from the most technical and chaotic metal styles to ambient and classical, the band seeks to break beyond expectations and deliver a fresh blend of melodic, technical and progressive death metal while staying true to their local roots.

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Djent
Country - USA
Sound like - After The Burial, Veil Of Maya, The Contortionist
Label - Subliminal Groove Records

01. Shatter
02. Torchbearer
03. Eleven
04. Ocean of Colour
05. Carving The World

Friday, March 2, 2012


Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Post-rock
Country - Italy
Sounds like - Isis, Latitudes, Pelican, Russian Circles
Label - Frohike Records | Escapartist Records
Myspace || Facebook

01. Hyenas
02. Zilco
03. Cobram
04. Rodleen
05. Collider

Excellent new EP, highly recommanded
You will find their past release HERE.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

QUANTUM MECHANISM - Discography [2008 - 2011]

Genre - Post-metal | Ambient | Experimental
Country - Australia
Sounds like - Pelican, Long Distance Calling, Oneirism
Label - Unsigned

The Fall of Auir EP [2011]
02.I Look Into The Sky But All I Can See Are A Billion Dying Stars
03.The Fall of Auir


A Constant State of Flux [2010]
01.A Gradual Realisation
02....And Together They Ascended
03.Auto Rock (Cover)
04.Divine Calling
06.One Step Forward
07....Two Steps Back


Revolution of Evolution EP [2009]
01.Breaking the Silence
05.Ilucid Dreams
07.Mahogany Prism
09.Nurgalievian Prophecy


Tangent to the Hyperbolic Insurgence EP [2008]
02.Duos Unus Zero
03.Projectile Insanity
04.A Short Interlude
05.Vector Resolved
06.In Reflection