Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OMERTAH - Essence (DEMO) [2012]

Omertah was formed only in late august of 2011 (by former members of Execute My Liberty band), but first thoughts about band's conception and style mixing (djent/atmospheric) cited in year of 2009 by both current guitarists. But their occupation in other musical projects prevented them to collaborate with each other, for more then one demo-track, recorded in 2009.
Years have passed and unnamed forsaken project was renewed. The conception was enhanced with today's trends and first demo was out in september, 2011. After almost half an year band recorded 5 demo-tracks for the upcoming album, which will include 7 tracks in total. It's important to mention, that Omertah is not instrumental project. From the beginning, band has been searching for vocals, but this vacancy is free so far.

Genre - Post-rock | Progressive Metal | Ambient
Country - Ukraine
Influences - Meshuggah, Pink Floyd, Tesseract, Periphery, Animals As Leaders
Label - Unsigned

01.Off World

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