Thursday, March 8, 2012

CONDRE SCR - Discography [2006 - 2012]

The instrumental music of Condre Scr is a fusion of contoured rock music, rich textured ambient sounds and crystal clear noise. Haunting harmonies, delicate melodies, fibrous drumming and a sense for subtle drones weave multi-layered soundscapes of gloomy sublimeness. Dense atmosphere seeps out slowly, alternating between hopeful and dark moods.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - Germany
Sounds like - Caspian, Codes In The Cloud, TWDY, Giants
Label - Oxide Tones

You Are Genius [2012]
01. Boca
02. Bogatell (free)
03. The Excellent Cook
04. Remo Boys
05. Jerome
06. Fram
07. Ask The Ones You Know
08. Kong Me

Jar Marsen [2006]
01. Kleiner Saal
02. Vflak
03. Laubwand
04. Mmont Tandem
05. Temsen

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