Thursday, May 31, 2012


Like a blast of raw, progressive energy from the college town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee comes a group paving the way for aspiring musicians. Drenched in technical prowess and a desire to rewrite standards in mainstream music, MTSU quintet Ocean Architecture has risen in a remarkably short amount of time to become an intimidating presence. Members Nic Giordano (drums), Kyle Standifer (guitars), Joe Dorsey (keyboards), Eric Hodge (bass), and Parker Deal (lead vocals) employ a dazzling array of instrumentation and musical progression while retaining deep influences of hardcore, prog rock, heavy metal, and even classical and electronic. Founded by Giordano, Standifer, and Dorsey in the latter half of September 2010, the group soon expanded to include Hodge and, in late March 2011, Deal. Says Standifer, “The formation was really natural. It just kinda felt like we were supposed to be in a band together…(laughs). We came up with our first song (Metatheory) in like two and a half hours.”

After a series of experimental jam sessions, the group realized their songwriting potential and set off to define themselves musically. This proved to be a rather tough challenge, as they attempted to channel influences such as Dream Theater, Isis, August Burns Red, Muse, Periphery and Explosions in the Sky, as well as several genre-bending acts like Between the Buried and Me, Daft Punk, Devin Townsend, and Tesseract. “It’s an interesting challenge funneling all of our influences into one single sound,” says Dorsey. “We have so many different aspects to cover, we try not to rob our creativity by limiting what/who we ‘need’ to sound like.” The result is an explosion of creativity, a moving flowing organism and a sound truly their own.

Genre - Progressive Metal | Experimental
Country - USA
Influences - Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, Sikth, EITS, Periphery
Label - DIY

01. Metatheory
02. The Last Stand
03. Plato's Cave
04. Velvet
05. Columns Of Time
06. Steel Ecstasy: Columns Collapse
07. Animus Part I
08. Animus Part II

L'ASTRONAUT - Conversations in Frequency [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - Caspian, Servants Of Silence, Kimika
Label - Unsigned
Facebook || Soundcloud

01.Congratulations, You're Officially My White Whale
02.Reap and Sow
05.Car Chase
06.Separation Anxiety
07.Lapse of Certainty
08.Double Rainbow

Awesome instrumental post-rock band from USA, when melancholy meet subtle and beautiful  melodies. Support them buying their album on bandcamp.
Post-rock album of the month.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OPII - Encounters [2012]

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Soundscape
Country - Russia
Sounds like - Bitcrush, Bogatzke, Orange Crush
Bitrates - 320kbps
Label - Plexus Music

01. Figures Of Mist
02. Moonlight Talk
03. Path To Eternity
04. Deep Blue
05. Встречи При Свете Луны
06. Helen Sleeps
07. Encounters
08. Dive Limits
09. Когда Ты Спишь

Just awesome chillout. Highly recommended!

FUBAR-JAM - Umbrellas for the Rocketsrain [2012]

Genre - Post-metal | Noise | Ambient
Country - Germany
Label - Fujam Records

01.Raped by an Airstrike
02.Tom Cruise Missile
03.Temporary Shelter
04.A place for Explosives
05.Semperfi Lullaby
06.Strahlender Regen
07.We are not Responsible
08.Cheating with Drones ( The ain´t fair Warfare )

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HOUSTON, WE'VE GOT PROBLEMS! - Welcome to the moon, friend (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Indie
Country - Russia
Sounds like - God Is An Astronaut, Moonlit Sailor
Label - Unsigned

02.What the hell happens now
03.Soviet R-7
04.Birth of supernova
05.Transmition of control commands
06.Friday the 13th
07.Laika still wants go home (Powder! Go Away cover)
08.It's just a joke

NINTH MOON BLACK - Chronophage [2012]

Ninth Moon Black is an instrumental band from the Pacific Northwest. Conjuring musical influences from the realms of psychedelic, ambient and post metal, NMB aims to create an experience for the listener. Since the release of their 2008 self titled debut, NMB has shared the stage with bands such as Middian, Indian, Earth, Brothers of The Sonic Cloth, Wolves In The Throne Room and Minsk.

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge
Country - USA
Sounds like - Omega Massif, Russian Circles, Red Sparowes
Label - Unsigned

01. Renascentia
02. Via Dolorosa
03. Bestia Devorat Tempus
04. Mors Carnis
05. Animus Lumino
06. Numeratio

You must check their past EP here.

GATES - You Are All You Have Left To Fear [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Indie-pop | Ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - Ours To Alibi, Klimt1918, September Malevolence
Label - Unsigned

01. They See Only Shadows
02. Like This You Mean
03. Cast in the Pattern
04. To Those Who Fell...
05. ...And To Those Who Carry On
06. The Sound of Letting Go
07. Skyline

You can download their past EP here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

KHALID ALMANSOUR - Forbidden chapters (EP) [2012]

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal
Country - Kuwait
Sounds like - Bulb, Tesseract
Label - Unsigned

02.Chapter l
02.Chapter ll
04.Chapter lll
05.Chapter Vl

By request, good onemanband.


Genre - Acoustic | Ambient
Country - USA
Label - Unsigned

02.Swing To The Sunrise
03.Infinite Grains Of Sand
04.And there was LIGHT!
05.Pretty Little Thing
06.Grandia, A Sovereign Nation
07.In the pines, in the pines...
08.One Hundred Days

Reminds me a little bit Andy McKee. Relaxing ambient music.

THE ALL SEEING HAND - The All Seeing Hand [2011]

Genre - Electro | Experimental
Country - New Zealand
Label - Unsigned
Facebook || Website

02.St. Cosmos
05.Persian Dervishes
07.The Hexadecimal Railroad
09.King Of The Cog

By artist request.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

BURWEED - Eyes down south (EP) [2012]

The area of Karhula in South-East Finland is the origin of numerous metal acts such as Omnium Gatherum, Total Devastation, Domination Black, and Demonic Death Judge just to name a few. Musically, however, Burweed dives in the murkier waters introducing a thick atmosphere, a sense of ever-present danger, and ocean-sized melodies to the genre of alternative metal: their brand new EP “Eyes Down South” is a strong display of this.

The first foundations of Burweed were cast in 2008 when Toni and Eetu began to experiment with post-metallish soundscapes in the legacy of bands such as Neurosis and Callisto. In 2009 the line-up was reinforced with Lauri on drums and a bit later with Sakari Salonen on guitar. Soon the recordings of the self-titled debut EP were on the way. “Burweed”-EP was released in April 2010 and it was immediately recognized by listeners and received gratifying reviews in media. The sound of the EP was described as sad, atmospheric and crushing; yet with glimpses of hope here and there.

After touring in support of their self-titled debut, Burweed has been trimmed into a three-piece band as guitarist Sakari left the band. The new release “Eyes Down South” will mark the first live shows of this new line-up. Working as a trio opened up completely new approaches to songwriting. By writing new material with the trio base in mind, the songs became more versatile, coarse, and, surprisingly, more melodic. It also gave space to more adventurous arrangements, giving more room for each band member to perform. With “Eyes Down South” Burweed has truly found its own voice.

Genre - Post-metal | Atmospheric Sludge
Country - Finland
Label - Unsigned

01. Less To Come
02. Northern Discipline
03. Fever
04. Eyes Down South

By band request. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LARA KORONA - Land unter (EP) [2012]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge
Country - Germany
Label - Pike Records

01. Myrkorrhiza
02. Deus
03. Fest
04. Land Unter
05. Rast Und Einbruch

DESTINOS - Fireflies For Fireworks [2012]

Genre - Metalcore | Ambient | Djent
Country - Chile
Sounds like - Volumes, Circle Of Contempt, Within The Ruins, Cloudkicker
Label - Unsigned

01.Arctic Motion
02.Cultures, Vultures
03.Karibbean Suns
04.Timeless Crimson Glow of Autumn
05.Pregnant Gold-Retriever Soul

Fantastic onemanband, my favorite band of the month.

MARCHE LA VOID - The origin of non-entity [2012]

Marché La Void (MLV), a band based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was started in 2003 by 3 long-time friends: Irwan, Wahyu, and Suryaputra. Hendra was the next member to join the band, followed by Gerrid and Dave. Later Hendra was replaced by Febri. Since the day the band was founded, MLV has been writing and performing their own songs. Many great artists influence the band in writing their music, which they described as down-tempo, psychedelic, and ambient. Some influences are more obvious than others, but all are influential nonetheless.

In April 2007, Marché La Void released its first EP, entitled Cacophonia. The 4 song EP was produced and distributed independently. As times goes by MLV has been rearangging music style and focussing on their instrument skill hence digging their main roots in instrumental / experimental / post-rock genre. We as a band feel the need to explore our instruments more as an individual force that driven our music to some sort of journey and emotional landscape without the use of vocal.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - Indonesia
Influences - King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Mogwai, GY!BE, Radiohead, Mono, Sigur Ros, Caspian
Label - Unsigned

01. in shadows
02. silent war
03. display of power
04. as we progress marching
05. for a moment, silence
06. serenity

Really great post-rock band from Jakarta.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THE RALPH - Fragments (EP) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Djent
Country - Croatia
Influences - Chimp Spanner, Cynic, Exivious
Label - Unsigned

02.The Other Left
03.Now You're Just Being Silly
04.Bring Me Your Finest Goat!
05.Fragments Part I
06.Fragments Part II

Monday, May 21, 2012

BECOMING THE LION - Unearthly creature (EP) [2012]

Started originally in December of 2010, under the name "Lambs Become Lions", "Becoming The Lion" continues to build on the musical journey, and the intense dream-scape, laid out from the beginning of this auditory entropy. Always pushing forward but never losing sight of it's foundation, "Becoming The Lion" will continue to produce music that will reach the inner mind of attracted listeners....or something like that.

Genre - Post-rock | Indie | Progressive Metal
Country - USA
Influences - Russian Circles, Cloudkicker, GIAA, Long Distance Calling, Thrice, Irepress
Label - Unsigned

01.A Fire Side Tale For Those Of Inquiry
02.Over The River And Through The Woods
03.The Cavern, The Beast, And His Slumber
04.Rise And Fall, A Legend Is Born
05.Silent Return

CORONADO - Awake in silence (EP) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Djent
Country - USA
Influences - After the Burial, Between the Buried & Me, The Contortionist, Veil of Maya...
Label - Unsigned

01.Premonition: The Dream
02.Advent: The Memory
03.Desire: The Silence
04.Decay: The Absolute
05.Images: The Faceless
06.Design: The Immortal (feat. Zach Sebastian)
07.Awake: The Discovery
08.Rediscover: The Forgotten

Awesome onemanband from Ohio.

Friday, May 18, 2012

LA MAR - La mar [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Indie | Progressive
Country - Venezuela
Influences - Pink Floyd, TWDY, EITS, Isis, Russian Circles, ITTCT, Tool, Mastodon, Radiohead
Label - Unsigned

01. Anchors
02. There Goes Life
03. Voyage
04. I Will
05. Under The Weather
06. Releash
07. Victory!
08. Mirage
09. Tides

Awesome post-rock band, many great influences. 
¤¤¤ Highly recommended ¤¤¤

SCARTOGRAPHER - Horizon [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Atmospheric Djent
Country - USA
Influences - Bulb, Cloudkicker, Tesseract, Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Chimp Spanner, Volumes
Bitrates - 320kbps
Label - Rogue Records

01. Perfecting An Archetype
02. Constructing A Parallel
03. Virulence
04. Noah
05. Drifts
06. Godspeed
07. A Hollow Sun
08. Penultima
09. In Defense Of A Dream

Excellent album.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MESCALINER - Willow spree [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Progressive
Country - Holland
Label - The Sepulchral Lamp

01.Never Look Back
02.Lost And Found
05.Staring In The Sun
06.Willow Spree

FIRE SPOKEN BY THE BUFFALO - Air your grievance (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Screamo | Sludge
Country - USA
Label - Unsigned

01.Mold of the Earth
03.Prancing Pony, Hidden Dragon
04.Ahava Rabbah

By band request. Great new EP, check them out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A CALL TO SINCERITY - Act v.2 (EP) [Remastered][2012]

Genre - Metalcore | Progressive | Beatdown
Country - France
Sounds like - August Burns Red, Misery Signals, For The Fallen Dreams, It Prevails
Label - Unsigned

01. An Extent of Knowledge
02. Crimson Pages
03. Your Last Rise of Dawn
04. The Price You'll Pay
05. Utter Abandon, Never!

SLOW BURN RECORDS - Compilation [2011]

Genre - Post-metal | Post-rock | Post-hardcore
Country - Russia
Label - Slow Burn Records

01.Grown Below - Trojan Horses They Ride
02.Grown Below - Devoid Of Age
03.Fading Waves - Destroying The Time
04.Fading Waves - Perforate The Sky
05.Reido - Arhat
06.Reido - Degeneration Cycle
07.Drawers - Caput Mortuum Ocean
08.Drawers - Ivory Lighthouse
09.Somnolent - Chrysakis Verge (Part II Tearing Out)
10.Somnolent - Solipsistic Exfolation
11.Starchitect - Light
12.Starchitect - Silence

Monday, May 14, 2012

THE FAREWELL MONUMENT - Harm's way (EP) [2011]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - TWDY, Caspian, Pg. Lost
Label - Unsigned

01.Give Me A Fast Ship
02.Remains Of Mountains
03.Harm's Way (Driving Gracie)

Amazing post rock band, really sweet.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

BEIJING POST-ROCK - Compilation [2012]

Genre - Post-rock
Country - China
Label - 1724 Records

01. Illness Sickness - Anything But Postrock
02. pentatonic - You Build A House On My Back
03. pentatonic - Crusade
04. The Grinding Ear - Larus Canus
05. The Grinding Ear - Trek In The Void
06. Glow Curve - Song For Raying temple
07. Glow Curve - Floating Mountain
08. Sparrow - Double Treble
09. Sparrow - Move Movie
10. Hualun - Shanghai Tourist

Another great chinese music compilation, with post-rock bands. Really awesome.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

KEITH MERROW - Retrospecial [2012]

Genre - Progressive Math-Metal | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - Meshuggah, Cloudkickers, Bulb, Chimp Spanner
Label - Redroom Records

01.Spice Dealer (Featuring Jeff Loomis)
02.Top Romulan
04.Maximilian (Featuring Gord Olson of Demisery)
06.Andromeda II (Featuring Ola Englund)
07.Pillars of Re-Creation
08.Secret Brick Chicken
BUY (give what you want)

Great album as usual.

SECTIONED - Monotonne (EP) [2012]

Genre - Mathcore | Atmospheric | Experimental
Country - Scotland
Influences - Ion Dissonance, SikTh, The DEP, Mr Bungle, Converge, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Cloudkicker, The American Dollar, Jesu, EITS
Label - Unsigned

01.Dog's Blood

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DEAFHEAVEN - Roads to judah [2011]

Genre - Post-black | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - USA
Label - Deathwish Inc.

02.Language Games
04.Tunnel of Trees

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

X SUNS - X suns (EP) [2012]

Keith, Adam, and Trent have played music together off and on for awhile in various bands and side projects. They wrote some songs around the start of 2009, and started playing them live at the start of 2010 under the name Ten Suns. After doing a handful of home recordings, they recorded a self-titled 5 song E.P. with Justin Armstrong at Electrokitty Studios, early in Oct. 2011. Rick Fisher at RFI mastered it. After changing their name to X Suns (X as the roman numeral for ten), they continued to play lots of local shows. More recently, Skippy Tim King of the now deceased Seattle band Patrol has joined as their second guitar player. They are currently working on new music, have plans to do a small west coast tour before the summer of 2012 is over, and hopefully enter the studio to record a debut full-length record soon after.

Genre - Post-rock | Space Rock
Country - USA
Influences - EITS, Mogwai, Caspian, Neurosis
Label - DIY

01.In Irons
02.Pillars for Palaces
03.To the Bottom of the Sea
04.North of July
05.Lion Cave

Monday, May 7, 2012

CORE IN CHINA - Compilation [2012]

Genre - All kinds of metal
Country - China
Label - Rockinchina
01.Why Lazy - Dying in the dream
02.NewTank - The Dreamer
03.Meat Sucks - Buried the Truths
04.Ordnance - Ask for a justification
05.Partisan - Selfish
06.Monkey King - Until You Come
07.Multi-Ego - End of Me
08.Mensheng - 故謠 Ballad of Fallen
09.Die In Velvet - 每天生每天死
10.Ashtemato - Joker
11.Saving Molly - To My Friend
12.Luktomo - We Are Luktomo
13.Beyond Cure - Self Destruction
14.DustFall - Dawn Late
15.Thyhazard - Liar
16.King Ly Chee - 在路上 feat. Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid)
17.Shut Up! Shut Down! - Bros Holds On Firm Bloods
18.Raving Jokes - No Vain
19.The Falling - Circle II Circle
20.Mary Dolls - 2012

Metal Chinese scene is really underrated, this compilation come to rectified this. Great work from RiC.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

JUDGE OUR HEARTS - Deadweight [2011]

Genre - Metalcore | Hardcore
Country - Australia
Label - Unsigned

01. 20:24
02. Dry Bones
03. Searching
04. Not My Own
05. Reign
06. Deadweight
07. On The Shoulders Of Giants
08. Having Eyes To See
09. Nothing Makes Us Move Like Fire
10. Abandon Ship
11. State Of Affairs
12. A broken Vessel
13. Outro

By band request.

ESCHAR - Elements (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-Metal | Atmospheric Djent
Country - UK
Sounds like - Cloudkicker, Memongrel, Scale The Summit
Label - Unsigned

04.Terra Firma

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SAVE US FROM THE ARCHON - How terrible, the undergrowth's jaws that tangle [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - Bulb, Scale The Summit, Animals As Leader
Label - Unsigned

01. 2b. (Diegetic) They start out that I'm in here,
02. 1a. (Diegetic) but it's not day or night.
03. 2a. Any of those kids wearing pearl earrings.
04. 3a. Take care of yourself, and be careful.
05. 3b. So you had a dream about this place.
06. 4a. (Silencia) From that nice little hotel downtown.
07. 4b. (Silencia) Then that means we should...
08. 4c. (Silencia) 1612 Havenhurst
09. 2c. To get rid of this God-awful feeling.

HELIOS - Moiety [2012]

Genre - Ambient | Soundscape
Country - USA
Label - Unseen Records
Bitrates - 320kbps

01. Nothing It Can
02. Your Zenith
03. In Everything Was Given
04. Nature People
05. Bold Advances
06. Equal Ourselves
07. Ours Everyday
08. Ideas or Hopes

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

THE WATERMARK HIGH - Slow Motion Clarity (EP) [2012]

The Watermark High is the alias of Johannesburg based experimental electronic musician, Paul van der Walt. The endeavour’s evocative sound typically evolves around the mergence of various electronic elements with acoustic instruments.

Genre - IDM | Ambient | Post-rock
Country - South Africa
Sounds like - Jatun, Crisopa, The American Dollar
Label - Unsigned

01. Slow Motion Clarity
02. Maybe Tomorrow, Everything Will Be Different
03. Green After So Much Blue, Was Like Music To My Eyes
04. Are You Going To Get Dressed Today?
05. Feel The Fabric

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

XEHANORT - Birth (EP) [2012]

Genre - Atmospheric Djent | Deathcore
Country - USA
Sounds like - Winds Of Plague, Substructure, Øscillatör
Label - Unsigned