Monday, May 21, 2012

BECOMING THE LION - Unearthly creature (EP) [2012]

Started originally in December of 2010, under the name "Lambs Become Lions", "Becoming The Lion" continues to build on the musical journey, and the intense dream-scape, laid out from the beginning of this auditory entropy. Always pushing forward but never losing sight of it's foundation, "Becoming The Lion" will continue to produce music that will reach the inner mind of attracted listeners....or something like that.

Genre - Post-rock | Indie | Progressive Metal
Country - USA
Influences - Russian Circles, Cloudkicker, GIAA, Long Distance Calling, Thrice, Irepress
Label - Unsigned

01.A Fire Side Tale For Those Of Inquiry
02.Over The River And Through The Woods
03.The Cavern, The Beast, And His Slumber
04.Rise And Fall, A Legend Is Born
05.Silent Return

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