Thursday, May 3, 2012

SAVE US FROM THE ARCHON - How terrible, the undergrowth's jaws that tangle [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - Bulb, Scale The Summit, Animals As Leader
Label - Unsigned

01. 2b. (Diegetic) They start out that I'm in here,
02. 1a. (Diegetic) but it's not day or night.
03. 2a. Any of those kids wearing pearl earrings.
04. 3a. Take care of yourself, and be careful.
05. 3b. So you had a dream about this place.
06. 4a. (Silencia) From that nice little hotel downtown.
07. 4b. (Silencia) Then that means we should...
08. 4c. (Silencia) 1612 Havenhurst
09. 2c. To get rid of this God-awful feeling.

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