Wednesday, October 30, 2013

FALLUJAH - Nomadic (EP) [2013]

Fallujah began in 2007 as a politically charged 5 piece from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band has evolved into an expansive, complex and style defining force for Atmospheric Death Metal. The band started touring in 2009 and released their debut album The Harvest Wombs in 2011. After drastic stylistic progressions, countless tours, hundreds of shows, Fallujah is a modern force for musical, mental and creative liberation.

Genre - Progressive Death-metal | Atmospheric | Experimental
Country - USA (San Francisco, CA)
Sounds between The Faceless, GY!BE and Altar Of Plagues.
Label - Unique Leader Records

01. The Dead Sea
02. Silent
03. Venom Upon The Blade

Im fucking amazing that this EP is on free download, just enjoy guys!!

PLASTIC MIND FREQUENCIES - Plastic Mind Frequencies [2013]

The instrumental project Plastic Mind Frequencies was born in late 2011 by Italian guitarist Rocco Pezzin. The self titled album, released on Oct 28, 2013 blends progressive metal with electronic breaks, going from aggressive rhythms to etherial cleans and through melodic solo parts.

Genre - Progressive & Technical Djent | Ambient | Experimental
Country - Italy (Treviso)
Sounds like - Animals As Leader, Periphery, Jeff Loomis, Gru
Label - Unsigned

01. A New Era
02. All I've Become
03. Drowning
04. Freefall
05. The Searching
06. The Fourth Dimension
07. Collateral Damage
08. Rebirth
09. Black Velvet Dream
10. Homesick (for a place you've never been)
11. Futura [feat. Matt Harnett]

Awesome album.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ENAU - Reverie​.​Walls​.​Ocean [2013]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - Bielorussia (Minsk)
Sounds like - EITS, Mogwai, TWDY, GIAA
Label - Unsigned

01. Spillover
02. Ashes
03. Gale and Walls
04. Reverie
05. Haze above the ocean
06. In embraces of stars
07. Heart in the mountain
08. Northland voice
09. Withering august 1740
10. Eight lines

Really beautiful music.

A GOD OR AN OTHER - Towers of Silence [2013]

A God or an Other is a black metal band from Seattle, Washington. Utilizing a vast array of influences, the band create music that ranges from lush ethereal soundscapes to crushing walls of sound.

Genre - Atmospheric Doom | Post-black
Country - USA (Seatlle)
Influences - Amenra, Celeste, Altar of Plagues, Russian Circles, Leviathan, Thou...
Label - Unsigned

01. Synesthesia
02. From the Lowest Dungeon, to the Highest Peak
03. Not an Eye Was Left Open to Weep for the Dead
04. ...and All the World a Great Stained Altar Stone
05. Unbroken Reign of Glacial Death
06. Xibalba
07. Defiled Ossuary
08. Agate Passage







Monday, October 28, 2013

THE MONARCH - World Without End (EP) [2013]

Genre - Atmospheric Post-metal | Post-rock
Country - Canada (Nanaimo)
Label - Unsigned

01. The sky rolled back like a scroll
02. Before the Throne (a multitude without number clothed in white)
03. Endless rest
04. For a thousand years (I will lay my face on the ground before Thee)


Friday, October 25, 2013

THE ATARIS - 4 tracks from "The Graveyard of The Atlantic" (EP) [2012]

Genre - Emo-Punk | Indie | Post-rock
Country - USA
Label - Paper + Plastick

02.Fast Times at Dropout High
03. All Souls' Day
04. The Graveyard of The Atlantic

2 new tracks available on free download (or donation) on the bandcamp page.
Can't wait for the new album.
EDIT: Re-up w/ 2 new tracks!

MOIRAE - Eternitarian [2013]

Genre - Progressive & Atmospheric Post-metal
Country - USA (Miami, FL)
Sounds like - Intronaut, Isis, Mastodon, Lands
Label - Unsigned

01. Postmortem
02. Farewell
03. Ascent
04. Solivagant
05. Phantom Limb
06. Second Turning: An Awakening
07. Eternitarian

Nice stuff.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

WITHOUTYOUATHOME - Our Lives Are All Very Forgettable Events In The Universe [2012]

Withyouathome started in July 2011 as Hayato Imanishi's solo home recording project. By September 2011 Withyouathome released the debut EP "...and the Moon Still Shines Quietly" and began to recruit band members for live performance. By November 2011 the current lineup was found and Withyouathome started rehearsing.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Experimental
Country - Japan (Tokyo)
Influences - Mono, Mogwai, Inspirative, Caspian, Sigur Ros
Label - Realising Media
Contact -

01. A Mid Summer's Day Dream
02. Solar
03. Our Lives Are All Very Forgettable Events In The Universe
04. Senba Zuru
05. You Are Never Alone Here
06. Quietly
07. Scaffolding The Skyline
08. Lunar

Hayato Imanishi's post-rock side-project (Cyclamen)
Really sweet album.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MATT HARNETT - Enigma [2013]

Genre - Progressive & Technical Metal | Atmospheric
Country - USA (Knoxville, TN)
Sounds like - Animals As Leaders, Gru, Scale The Summit
Label - Unsigned

01. Take Flight
02. Fantasy Shields (feat. Sean Ashe)
03. Derealization (feat. Jakub Żytecki)
04. Enigma I: Against Common Sense
05. Enigma II: The Unknown (feat. Ryan Siew)
06. Enigma III: Belonging

Groovy, heavy and melodic as fuck.

PARACHUTER - Discography [2011-2013]

Parachuter is an art rock group from Boston. Homage to a cold war test pilot, their name was inspired by Col. Joseph Kittinger's experimental parachute jumps from nineteen miles above the Earth. In Sept of 2013, the band has released their debut LP, Woven.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - USA (Boston, MA)
Label - Unsigned
Contact -

Woven [2013]
01. A Warm Streetscape
02. Birds Trapped Like Echoes
03. Ether
04. Cacoethes
05. Forest Lights
06. Bloodletter
07. Postscript


Parachuter [2011]
01. We Hide Slow
02. Last of the Fast Stars
03. Summit
04. Pontius
05. I Know, I Know...

Nice post-rock band.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hi everybody,

I just had an interesting thread with one of my follower (hello Cam) and just realize that some of you dont follow me on facebook. (wat??)
Mhh ok, this is not fair that you cant acces to the videos i add only on fb until now. (or maybe you dont give a shit? make your choice!^^)
Cuz from now i will post here (almost) every week a kind of video-zapping of my favourite video/songs i've seen on the internet.
I will also add your submissions of course.

Hope you'll enjoy this new initiative.





Monday, October 21, 2013

THE DEATH OF HER MONEY - White light (Demo) [2013]

Genre - Amospheric Sludge | Progressive
Country - UK (Newport)
Sounds like - Neurosis, Vygr, Amenra
Label - Slow Burn Records
Lastfm | Facebook

01. White Light Sunshine
02. The Bonemarrow Weight

ASTERIALS - Oversighted [2013]

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Atmospheric Djent
Country - Russian Federation
Sounds like -  Volumes, Elitist, Aristeia, Sentinel
Label - Unsigned

01. Stranded
02. Vessels
03. Oversighted
04. Malice
05. Whiteout
06. Highlights

Sounds like others prog/djent/groove/ambient/metalcore bands, but not bad at all.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

CYCLAMEN - Ashura [2013]

Genre - Experimental Mathcore | Djent | Screamo
Country - Japan (Tokyo)
Sounds between Sikth, Fell Silent & Envy
Label - 
Realising Media


01. 破邪顕正 (Haja-Kenshou)
02. 紫電一閃 (Shiden-Issen)
03. 百折不撓 (Hyakusetsu-Futou)
04. 臥薪嘗胆 (Gashin-Shoutan)
05. 悲歌慷慨 (Hika-Kougai)
06. 夢幻泡影 (Mugen-Houyou)
07. 余韻嫋々 (Yoin-Joujou)
08. 疾風怒濤 (Shippu-Dotou)
09. 神武不殺 (Shimbu-Fusatsu)
10. 空即是色 (Kusoku-Zeshiki)

Nice J-djent band! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

NEBULOUS - Nebulous [2013]

Formed in northern Portugal in 2012, Nebulous evolved from past musical projects and gathers members with strong experience. With a different approach on the Portuguese metal scene, they dive and explore the multiple forms of music, engaging their sound with heavy tunings, ambient harmonies and polyrhythms full of groove.

Genre - Progressive Math-metal | Atmospheric Djent
Country - Portugal
Sounds like - Meshuggah, Textures, Innerty, Uneven Structure
Label - Unsigned

01. Abnegation
02. Dharma
03. Nausea
04. Hyperborea
05. Gaea
06. Sorah
07. Ethereal
08. Benighted
09. Contemplation

WE NEVER LEARNED TO LIVE - We Never Learned To Live (EP) [2013]

Genre - Atmospheric Post-hardcore | Screamo
Country - UK (Brighton)
Sounds like - Hopesfall, Milanku, Lands
Label - Unsigned
Facebook | Blog

01. Afloat
02. Crow's Feet
03. Kepler

Nice post-hardcore band.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PLINI - Sweet nothings (EP) [2013]

Genre - Progressive Jazz-Metal | Atmospheric Djent
Country - Australia (Sydney)
Sounds like - Gru, Exivious, Chimp Spanner
Label - Unsigned
Contact -

01. Opening
02. Tarred & Feathered
03. Away
04. Sweet Nothings

Big prog metal slap in my face since 'Gru - Cosmogenesis' in 2010!
Thanks Interruptio from DuckCore for the discover :)
¤¤ ¤¤¤ TOTALLY INSANE ¤¤¤ ¤¤

SYNOPSYS - Timeless (EP) [2013]

Genre - Atmospheric Post-metal
Country - France (Avignon)
Influences - GY!BE, Neurosis, Pelican, Isis, Russian Circles
Label - Unsigned
Contact -

01. Red Stars
02. We have still the sun
03. Naive
04. Drops of fire

Band request.

GRAND DETOUR - Grand detour (EP) [2013]

Genre - Post-hardcore | Post-rock | Screamo
Country - France (Toulon)
Sounds between Daitro, Mihai Edrisch and Gantz (without scream)
Label - Unsigned
Facebook | Official

01. Révolution des sphères célestes
02. Si sombrent ces caravelles
03. Trahis par la soif
04. Sourd comme un livre d'histoire
05. Le dixième pionnier

Band request.
Really good french instrumental post-hardcore/scramo band.

Monday, October 14, 2013

SO ABOVE SO BELOW - Gnosis [2013]

So Above So Below is a musical outflow that is unbroken and yet is made of infinite patterns. A sound that’s so comforting and yet each time you listen, its a different experience. Where the smallest of matter is engaged into rhythmic motion. A sound where words lose meaning and thought becomes one. Where sound can have so much emotion. Where a single instrument becomes a symphony. Where a sound can drown you. Where the sound can capture an entire moment and yet may fade into nothing. Something that is living, but which also embraces end of existence. Of countless things in a single moment. Of every moment in a single thing.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - Trinitad and Tobago
Influences - ITTCT, GIAA, EITS, Hammock, Caspian, Red Sparowes...
Label - Unsigned

01. Forever A Stranger
02. Cosmic Release
03. Remembrance Of Things Past
04. Ketamine
05. What Have We Become
06. Drifting Into The Deep
07. The Far Side Of The World
08. A Distant Light


AS MOUNTAINS - Monolight (EP) [2013]

As Mountains is a young post-rock band based in Hasselt, Belgium. We were founded in the summer of 2011 and quickly started recording demo's. In winter 2011 we were selected to play in the Limbomania contest, just several months later we played support shows for great bands as Maybeshewill, If These Trees Could Talk and The Shaking Sensations. We will be releasing our first EP very soon. Available on CD and limited edition tape release.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Indie
Country - Belgium (Hasselt)
Sounds like - Moonlight Sailor, Caspian, Ef...
Label - Wolves & Vibrancy Records
Contact -

01. Ben Hur Road
02. Matching Clouds In Lucerne
03. MonoLight
04. Wavering Trees
05. Black Mountain
06. Let me in, Let me go

Sweet EP.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

MOOTH - Slow sun [2013]

Born in 2006 as Koan, Mooth is an Italian noise rock band that plays and composes their own songs. Their proposal is a mix of sludge and hardcore, with darker and heavier influences along the lines of the new math-rock, with self-critical and very personal lyrics: the result is a unique blend of sound, hard to imitate, preventing to place the band in one of the many “standard” strands of noise-rock.

The speed of the songs, the lack of solos, the strong punk reminiscences and a rough and directed approach during production and recording, scar these guys as “old-school” and bring to mind bands like Jesus Lizard, Uzeda Melvins and Kyuss.

The continuous "stop'n'go" & changes in rhythm give the tracks a connotation in between serious and humorous: an ironic approach, a cynical commentary on our times characterized by the mash-up of contradictory informations. The proof is the fact that Mooth are at ease on stage with bands of various kinds, from alternative-rock to metal, either in small clubs, social clubs and festivals. And their live sets are explosive!

Genre - Noisecore | Mathcore | Math-rock
Country - Italy
Label - Martinè Records| Toilet Smokers Club records

01. Debra DeSanto Was A Heartbreaker
02. Mdma
03. Skeletons
04. Bloodrop
05. Red Carpet On The Hillside
06. Viscera
07. Black Host
08. Fletcher McGee

Jeez, this is awesome mathcore band!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

WE CAN BREATHE IN SPACE - Discography (EPs) [2013]

We Can Breathe In Space is an instrumental post rock band from Cheltenham, UK. The band is a one man project influenced by many similar groups such as Explosions In The Sky, God Is An Astronaut and Maybeshewill.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - UK
Influences - EITS, God Is An Astronaut,Maybeshewill, Sigur Ros
Label - Unsigned

Constantinople [October 2013]
01. Constantinople
02 Lock down


Dreamless [March 2013]
01. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
02. Vulpes


Further Into Regress [January 2013]
01. Reverse Modern Robins
02. This Ship Is Sinking
03. We'll Lose It If We're Not Careful

Re-up with new demo release.
Sweet soundscape.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SINCE (TIME) - Voyage to Deconstruction [2012]

Voyage to Deconstruction is a concept album which narrates the journey of a person/society in the process of deconstructing the myths they had lived with up until now, while at the same time bringing into conscience the models and norms that had been part of them and that should now be abolished in the context of a spiritual advancement and a revolutionary outbreak.

Genre - Progressive Post-rock
Country - Greece (Athens)
Sounds like - EITS, Caspian, Russian Circle
Label - Unsigned

01. Normality
02. The Contradiction
03. The Realization
04. Panic Attack - Relief
05. Erinyes
06. The Collective
07. Deconstruction

TOUNDRA - III [2012]

Genre - Post-metal | Ambient | Experimental
Country - Spain
Sounds like - Tides From Nebula, Isis, Pelican
Label - Aloud Music, Astoria, Narshardaa

01. Ara Caeli
02. Cielo negro (Black Sky)
03. Réquiem
04. Marte (Mars)
05. Lilim
06. Espírita

Re-up with free download link!
Beautiful new album. 
¤¤¤ Highly recommended ¤¤¤

EXXASENS - Satellites [2013]

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Progressive
Country - Spain
Sounds like - God Is An Astronaut, Catacomb, Pg.Lost
Label - Aloud Music

01. The Launching
02. Rocket to the sky
03. Mass of Pluto
04. Satellites
05. Sputnik
06. Arida
07. Last Song over the Horizon
08. The Falling

Great album, as usual.
Thanks to the label and band for sharing free this new release. 
Not full quality (192kbps) but it sounds pretty good enough.
You also must support Exxasens by donation.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CATHODES - Ghosts Of People We Should Have Been (EP) [2013]

Genre - Post-grunge | Post-rock | Indie
Country - UK (Birmingham)
Influences - Soundgarden, The Mars Volta, 65daysofstatic, GY!BE
Label - Unsigned

01.The Orphanage Meets The Avalanche
04.I Am The Big I Am

Sunday, October 6, 2013

NOTT - Obsidian Depths (EP) [2013]

Genre - Atmospheric Math-metal | Downtempo
Country - Alaska
Sounds between Meshuggah, The Acacia Strain and Nemertines.
Label - Unsigned

01. Aperture Depths
02. Dissolve
03. Baptizing the Lifeless


Friday, October 4, 2013

JAKEL - The Black Sea [2013]

Genre - Post-metal | Atmospheric Djent | Post-rock
Country - Canada
Sounds like - Cloudkicker, Deely, Exxasens, Tides From Nebula
Label - Unsigned

01. Miccia
02. Black Wolves
03. Le Port-au-Persil
04. You are not alone said. the Universe
05. Aegan Sea
06. The Dead of Winter
07. Our Trees Aren't Going Anywhere
08. The Black Sea
09. The Wanderer

Artist request.
Great music, cheers on him.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

EXIGENCY - Dissolution (EP) [2013]

Exigency is a two-man progressive/technical metal band out of Steubenville, Ohio. Both members have been in various musical projects together since 2007. Exigency is a unique blend of different styles of music, taking progressive and technical elements and fusing it with modern melodic metal. Combining powerful, dynamic vocals with blistering drums, machine-like guitar work and grinding bass tones makes for an unparalleled listening experience. They will be releasing their first full-length album for digital download on Bandcamp by the end of 2013.

Genre - Progressive | Groove | Technical-metal
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Faceless, Cold Night For Alligators, Paint In Exile, Icosian
Label - Unsigned

01. Abaddon
02. An Ocean of the Void Above
03. Catechize