Sunday, October 13, 2013

MOOTH - Slow sun [2013]

Born in 2006 as Koan, Mooth is an Italian noise rock band that plays and composes their own songs. Their proposal is a mix of sludge and hardcore, with darker and heavier influences along the lines of the new math-rock, with self-critical and very personal lyrics: the result is a unique blend of sound, hard to imitate, preventing to place the band in one of the many “standard” strands of noise-rock.

The speed of the songs, the lack of solos, the strong punk reminiscences and a rough and directed approach during production and recording, scar these guys as “old-school” and bring to mind bands like Jesus Lizard, Uzeda Melvins and Kyuss.

The continuous "stop'n'go" & changes in rhythm give the tracks a connotation in between serious and humorous: an ironic approach, a cynical commentary on our times characterized by the mash-up of contradictory informations. The proof is the fact that Mooth are at ease on stage with bands of various kinds, from alternative-rock to metal, either in small clubs, social clubs and festivals. And their live sets are explosive!

Genre - Noisecore | Mathcore | Math-rock
Country - Italy
Label - Martinè Records| Toilet Smokers Club records

01. Debra DeSanto Was A Heartbreaker
02. Mdma
03. Skeletons
04. Bloodrop
05. Red Carpet On The Hillside
06. Viscera
07. Black Host
08. Fletcher McGee

Jeez, this is awesome mathcore band!

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