Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GORDON'S TSUNAMI WEEK - We see the reflection of ourselves in the frames we look at [2011]

Founded in 2001 by Sebastian Ziegler and Tobias Engler as an instrumental project, gordon’s tsunami week tries to unify soulful melodies and brute walls of sound. Influenced by bands like mono, explosions in the sky, envy, mogwai, 65daysofstatic, sigur rós, russian circles, deftones, dredg and aereogramme, we’re trying to catch atmosphere and express it experimentally. Different instruments (among others: violin, lap steel guitar and spherical samples) are assisting to set courses and to achieve a dreamy, gloomily character. Additional members of gordon’s tsunami week are: Jörg Schmaus(drums), Christian Bachmann(violin), Nepomuk Zettl(guitar), Florian Popp(bass). In the withering year of 2006 our first EP called "a place for nowhere" was recorded, produced by Mario Dahmen (liquid aether). The second EP "dropped by branches" was recorded in summer 2007.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Progressive
Country - Germany
Influences - Mono, EITS, Envy, Mogwai, 65daysofstatic, Sigur rós, Russian circles, Deftones, Dredg
Label - Truelove Entertainment

01.Clouds' colors bright will fade in mist
03.Achill sound
04.Already had cereals
05.The pale light softens edges
06.Café sans cauchemar
07.Bleeding walls
08.Spirits surround us on every side
09.And then I woke up

Amazing band, too much unrecognized, support it bying album HERE.

ICON & ANCHOR - Fall demo (DEMO) [2011]

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Beatdown
Country - USA
Sounds like - Rooks, Legend, The Acacia Strain, Oceano
Label - Unsigned

01.War Machine
02.Supreme Being
03.Idle Eyes

HYPNO5E - Acid mist tomorrow [2012]

Rythmiques furibondes, riffs acrobatiques, distorsions gargantuesques, notes déliées dans le lointain, piano exsangue, bribes de voix céleste et taciturne ou hurlements abyssaux : HYPNO5E utilise la base du métal en y ajoutant de manière singulière et judicieuse de longues phases psychédéliques et instrumentales. 
 Ayant déjà partagé la scène de GOJIRA, PSYKUP, BLACK BOMB A, WATCHA, DAGOBA, ETHS, L'ESPRIT DU CLAN, THE OCEAN... HYPNO5E a su assimiler les fondements du métal pour proposer une musique en perpétuelle mutation. 
 Créé en 2003, le groupe sort un album en distribution nationale en 2007, et planche actuellement sur deux nouveaux projets, à savoir un opus à tendance acoustique en attendant la sortie prochaine du successeur de "Des deux l'une est l'autre".

Genre - Experimental | Atmospheric Metal
Country - France
Label - Unsigned

01. Acid Mist Tomorrow
02. Six Fingers in One Hand She Holds the Dawn Pt. I
03. Six Fingers In One Hand She Holds the Dawn Pt. II
04. Story of the Eye
05. Gehenne Pt. I
06. Gehenne Pt. II
07. Gehenne Pt. III
08. Brume Unique Obscurité Pt. I
09. Brume Unique Obscurité Pt. II

Highly recommanded!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RUMOUR CUBES - The narrow state [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Classical
Country - UK
Label - Marriage Of A Dead Dog SING!

01.The University Is A Factory
02.The Gove Curve
03.At Sea
04.Rain On Titan
06.Tempus Fugit

Monday, February 27, 2012

SPHERICAL VOID - Believe : Arise (EP) [2011]

Since its beginning in 2007, the band Spherical Void, from Compiègne, offers the audience a powerful music which allies
energy, heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms. The vocals in both French and English, switch between saturated and melodic parts.

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Screamo | Post-metal
Country - France
Influences - Hacride, Textures, Meshuggah, The Ocean, The Dillinger Escape Plan
Label - Unsigned

01. My Own Private Revolution
02. Goodbye Sanity
03. Instable Life (In The Courtyard Of Men)

ONEIRISM - Conquering the waves [2011]

Genre - Post-metal | Atmospheric | Progressive Rock
Country - Cyprus
Influences - Pink Floyd, Explosions in the Sky, Isis, Cult of Luna, God is an Astronaut, Pelican
Label - Unsigned

01. Bermuda Chants
02. Elevate and Sink
03. In Limbo
04. Transgression
05. L.S.D (Love Sawn Disasters)
06. Between Two Worlds
07. Building Walls

THE STATIC VOYAGE - The static voyage (EP) [2012]

Genre - Progressive | Math-Metal | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - Bulb, Aviations, Deely
Label - Unsigned

05.The Last Vessel

SEPTANBRE - Digital tale (EP) [2012]

Genre - Electro | Pop | Ambient
Country - France
Influences - Deftones, Silent Poets, City And Colour, Staind, Katatonia, Massive Attack
Label - Unsigned


Septanbre is a onemanband from Lyon, France. You can check his first EP free, listen first to the Marylin Manson cover "Coma White". Septanbre will done a show 7th march at The Ninkasi Café Gerland, Lyon.

Friday, February 24, 2012

OUTCAST - Awaken the reason [2012]

Genre - Progressive Death-metal | Atmospheric
Country - France
Sounds like - The Faceless, Textures, Gojira
Label - Listenable Records

01. Elements
02. Abysmal
03. A Solace from the Shade
04. Awaken the Reason - Part IV : When dawn brings clarity
05. Spin Angular Momenta
06. Unspoken
07. Isolation
08. Fallen Years
09. What Would be my Final Commitment ?
10. Man's Last Failure
11. Awaken the Reason - Part XI : Reprise

France is not only Gojira. It's also Innerty, A Call To Sincerity and Outcast! hope they will (gently) kick many asses all over the world^^

THE SUN AESTHETIC - Composure [2012]

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Post-rock
Country - USA
Sounds like - The American Dollar, Bitcrush, Near The Patenthesis
Label - Unsigned

01.A Love for Sights
03.Higher Rise
04.A Favor Against
06.The Side They Fall
10.A Fear of Time

SUMMER FADES AWAY - Time Flies and Memory's Cruel [2011]

Genre - Ambient | Post-rock | Classical
Country - China
Sounds like - Mono, EITS, Sleep Dealer
Label - 1724 Records

03.Yuhua Pavilion

Thursday, February 23, 2012

CATHEDRAAL - Voix blanches [2012]

Genre - Experimental | Post-Doom | Screamo | Dark-ambient
Country - France
Label - Unsigned

01. Sasha
02. Quelque part à l'est Babi Yar
03. En Crimée
04. Je ne t'ai pas défendu
05. Laisser aller
06. Dieu ne croit plus en nous
07. Rouler les peaux mortes
08. Des noms sur des valises
09. Je l'aimais encore
10. Les arbres en témoignent

By band request.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CORY JOHNSON - Legend of Zelda [2011]

"What you're hearing now are very rough, unmixed/unmastered demo versions of my own arrangements of Koji Kondo's music from the Legend of Zelda video game series. If you've come across this, I'd very much appreciate your time and your ears."

Genre - Post-rock | Experimental | Video-games
Country - USA
Sounds like - Zelda, Zelda,... Zelda!
Label - Unsigned

01.Fairy Fountain
02.Legend of Hyrule
03.Hyrule Field
04.Zelda's Lullaby
05.Epona's Song
06.Zelda's Reprise
07.Skyward Sword
08.Dark World
09.Water Temple
10.Sanctuary (Song of Time)
11.Forest Temple
12.Kakariko Village
13.Astral Observatory
14.Takt of Wind

So epic!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

MORAY - Empire of light [2012]

Empire Light was formed in April 2011 and have been creating their own material from day one. The band was formed through a friendship of two, who decided to get together to practice. It turned out one knew a drummer and the other a bassist, and so Empire Light was formed. During practices, influences were discussed and it was found that there were many different influences throughout the group, including indie, old school Hip-Hop, jazz, blues, and rock. Taking these inspirations, Empire Light has set out to create the music in which they feel passionate about. Full of pleasant sounding melodies and some catchy choruses, Empire Light was formed for the music.

Genre - Space-rock | Post-rock
Country - UK
Label - Unsigned

01.Fires on the Plain
03.Empire of Light
07.We’re All Made of Ash

LANDER CONFIGURATIONS - Of smoke and fire [2011]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - Australia
Sounds like - EITS, Sleepmakeswaves, Meniscus, Laura
Label - Bird's Robe Records

01. Tomorrow, I Will
02. Plastic Soldiers
03. I Killed A Spider
04. Nostalgic
05. Horses
06. Mariposa
07. My Imaginary Friend The Polar Bear
08. Reference To Summer

Friday, February 17, 2012


Guitarist/Songwriter Hayden Wrathall teamed up with friend and guitarist Jesse Youngson for some instrumental jams around 2009, under the name A Greylit Sky. In late 2009, drummer Adrian Lang and guitarist turned bassist Che Walden joined the fray for a more complete line up, which would soon be renamed Via Kaleidoscope. Although all demos so far have been written and recorded by Hayden Wrathall himself, the band have spent the majoirity of 2010/2011 perfecting their live sound. The many earthquakes centred in and around Christchurch in this time have played havoc with preparations for VK to gig, however they still have plans of playing some local shows in the near future.

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Ambient
Country - New-Zealand
Influences - Jakob, Explosions In The Sky, Isis, Cult Of Luna
Label - Unsigned

03.Doves In Rows
04.Solace In Endless

Thursday, February 16, 2012

WOLVES - Dying (EP) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Deathcore
Country - Unsigned
Sounds like - Veil Of Maya, The Contortionist, Circle Of Contempt
Label - Unsigned

01. Passenger
02. Goodnight Armageddon
03. Into the Grave
04. Rock Shower
05. These Castle Walls
06. Druids

COLARIS - The disclosure (EP) [2011]

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Ambient
Country - Germany
Influences - PG.Lost, Atlases, Jakob, Rosetta, Isis,Pink Floyd, Cult of Luna, Mastodon...
Label - Unsigned

01. Disarmed
02. Guiding Lights
03. Reconsidering
04. Consolation

Awesome post-rock, check their new single "Framed" from their next release "Renewal" out 01/03/2012 HERE.

SUNPOCRISY - Samaroid dioramas [2012]

The project was born in 2007 as a four pieces death/progressive band. After an year, in 2008 they went in studio to record their first EP called "Atman EP", which was self produced and published in limited edition of a hundred, a unique and different artwork for every copy, containing 4 tracks for a total lenght of 37'14'' of music. After the release, in 2009 the quartet started the live activity to support the EP, playing gigs with band like The Ocean, Ahab, In Mourning, Black Sun Aeon and more. In 2010 the band placed 4th to the most important unsigned band contest "Wacken Metal Battle" , and after that they started to create a more complex and different kind of music, becoming a six-pieces Post/Progressive beast. In late 2011, the band entered the studio to record the debut album, a concept called "Samaroid Dioramas", engineered at Studio 73 by Riccardo Pasini.

Genre - Post-metal | Atmospheric | Progressive
Country - Italy
Influences - Isis, Cult Of Luna, Intronaut, The Ocean, Between The Buried And Me
Label - Unsigned

03.Φ – Phi
07.Samaroid / Dioramas

Sounds a little bit like Amia Venera Landscape, including many post-metal, mathcore, atmospheric and post-rock elements. Very good.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LANDFORGE - Servitude to earth [2012]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Doom | Dark-metal
Country - UK
Sounds like - The Fall Of Every Seasons, Daylight Dies, Latitudes
Label - Unsigned

01.First Watch

Highly recommended.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A CALL TO SINCERITY - Foundations [2012]

Genre - Metal | Hardcore | Progressive
Country - France
Sounds like - Misery Signals, For The Fallen Dreams, It Prevails
Label - Unsigned

01. Get Out Alive
02. Deceiver
03. At The Edge Of...
04. ...Our World
05. The Novelist
06. A Misunderstanding
07. Through Horizons
08. Whispers
09. Mayhem
10. Walking Straight Across Bad Omens

Amazing french metal hardcore with some great ambient melodies. Support them, they deserve!

SITHU AYE - Isles (EP) [2012]

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal
Country - UK
Sounds like - Animals As Leader, Chimp Spanner, Periphery
Label - Unsigned

04.Cuillin (Interlude)

KASAN - Drown [2012]

Genre - Post-metal | Sludge | Ambient
Country - Germany
Influences - Capian, Rosetta, Mogwai, Omega Massif, Russian Circles
Label - Maniyax Records, SM MUSIK, dunk!records

01. Drown
02. The Battling Eels of Antibes
03. An Emerald Dream
04. Mindshelter
05. Hydroman vs That Sea
06. Float

Monday, February 13, 2012

PERSUANCE - Precursors (EP) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Contortionist, Animals as Leaders, Veil of Maya, Structures, Volumes
Label - Unsigned

01. Dreamers
02. Torn
03. Inscriptions
04. A Turn For The Worse
05. Chuggernaut
06. The Anthroparian

MORAINES - The Perfect Pantheon Of Absence (EP) [2008]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge
Country - Croatia
Label - Unsigned

01. Garden Of His Turbulence
02. And The Waters Separate the space
03. Temples In Chrome
04. Come Death

THREE STEPS TO THE OCEAN - Until today becomes yesterday [2009]

Three Steps To The Ocean is an instrumental outfit born in 2006 in Milan, Italy. TSTTO combines massive riffs, sonic progressive textures and desolate soundscapes in a unique context. After a first EP sold in 500 copies and a vinyl re-edition under KNVBIRecords, the band has released its first full-lenght album "Until Today Becomes Yesterday" in October 2009 through italian Frohike Records. After about 90 shows in Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands and France, the band is getting ready for a new release in 2011.

Genre - Post-metal | Post-rock | Ambient
Country - Italy
Sounds like - Latitudes, Pelican, Mogwai, Tides From Nebula
Label - Frohike Records
Myspace || Facebook

01. December 31st 1844
02. It's A Day, Maybe More, Since I Saw You
03. Diomede
04. Remember Lynne Cox
05. It's A Minute, Maybe More, Since I Could See
06. Il Quinto Giorno


Friday, February 10, 2012

SKY FLYING BY - Discography [2011]

"SFB is a solo music project started many years ago, and only just recently started releasing material for consumption outside of a small core group of friends. the music is all instrumental, noisy, weird, quiet, simple, melodic, whatever.
This whole thing was started years and years ago, but got serious in an attempt to fight major depressive disorder. so far its working. this music is recorded and released to make it more real, and to provide a series of goals and objectives for me. keeps my head above water."

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Indie
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Album Leaf, Mogwai, The Echelon Effect
Label - Unsigned

What's The Farthest You Can See [Dec 2011]
01.A Total Lack of Understanding
02.Passing Through Unnoticed
03.Thousand Yard Stare
04.From Where We Stand
05.What's The Farthest You Can See?
06.More Questions Than Answers
07.The Conservation of Momentum


Singularity 1 (Single) [May 2011]


Do They Still Make Lighthouses? [Jan 2011]
01. Back And Fill
02. High Wind Advisory
03. Braving The Shallows
04. The Longer The Fall
05. Finding A Reason
06. Nothing Has Divided
07. Hold Your Fire

MIDWAY - Burdens lost (EP) [2012]

MIDWAY are one of Dubai's most impressive new comers. Playing a strong blend of hardcore; influenced by bands like: Parkway Drive and The Ghost Inside. Their sound is a refined mixture of metalcore, leaning more towards a hard hitting hardcore punch to the face. MIDWAY has been delivering their highly energetic shows all across the UAE, in support of 2010's debut self titled album, while quickly gaining a strong following in the process.

Genre - Melodic Hardcore | Progressive
Country - Dubai
Sounds like - Misery Signals, For The Fallen Dreams, For Today
Label - Unsigned

02.Burdens Lost
03.Burning Bridges

EARTHMOVER - First sighting (SINGLE) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Post-metal
Country - Philippines
Sounds like - Pelican, Caves Of Steel, Moonlit Sailor
Label - Unsigned

01. First sighting

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BEWARE THE NEVERENDING - The next level [2011]

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Melodic Hardcore
Country - USA
Sounds like - For The Fallen Dreams, The Acacia Strain, Legend
Label - Red Cord Record

01. One Walking Mountain at a Time
02. Reconciliation
03. Aerials are for Kings
04. Barry White vs. Bobby Stratton
05. The Next Level
06. Enticer
07. To Infinity and Beyond
08. Momma's Boy
09. I Am Not Ashamed

POWDER! GO AWAY - Laika still wants go home [2011]

Genre - Post-rock | Progressive
Country - Russia
Sounds like - Tides From Nebula, Russian Circles, Caspian
Label - Unsigned

01. nobody knows what do the clouds think when they see themselves in the sea 02.laika still wants go home
03. 13.125 miles exploded by hundred oscillators
04. Einstein so sad on the pictures...
05. locomotive comes in your dreams
06. Stephen King likes electric transmition lines
07. lost touch
08. the water tower
09. 13.125 miles exploded by lights
10. mushroom's radiation can't make you ugly and ill, but thoughtful

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JAKARTA PROJECT - Geographic (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-rock | Progressive | Indie
Country - Russia
Sounds like - God Is An Astronaut, Tides From Nebula
Label - Unsigned

01. Siberia
02. Alaska
03. New York
04. Vietnam
05. New Earth

CAPTURE OF THE SKY - Discography [2010 - 2011]

Genre - Melodic Hardcore | Ambient
Country - Japan
Sounds like - Misery Signals, Counterparts, It Prevails
Label - Unsigned

01.Small steps

DEMO [2010]
02.The Tangled Sea
03.The Wayfarer
04.Went For Nothing



AVIATIONS - Pt.I Voyages (SINGLE) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Ambient | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - Chimp Spanner, Gru
Label - Unsigned

01. Pt.I Voyages

VALVE - Demo [2012]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Doom
Country - France
Sounds like - Amenra, Rosetta, Celeste
Lalbel - Unsigned

01. Humanae Libertas
02. O'Alquemista
03. Into the Shadow the Black Sun
04. Siren
05. Great Architects

By request.

FLAGSHIP - Forerunner (EP) [2012]

Genre - Post-hardcore | Death-metal | Ambient
Country - USA
Influences - Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, Shai Hulud
Label - Unsigned

01.Shattered Images
05.The Next Chapter

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CARTHASY - Apertures (EP) [2011]

Some bands try very hard to please you. Carthasy are not one of those bands. They have emerged from the depths of the studio with acclaimed producers Matt Gio and Forrester Savell, bearing an EP that is dense, rich, and ambitious. Carthasy’s experimental hard rock doesn’t subscribe to any formula: schizophrenic two-minute assaults hold an uncomfortable truce with atmospheric seven-minute slow-burners. Chunks of sludge metal, slivers of post-rock and wedges of prog get thrown together at dizzying speed. The common thread through it all is a sense of restraint, a love of melody, and a total lack of ego. Carthasy owe influence to Deftones, Isis, Karnivool, Tool and Oceansize, but owe allegiance to no scene or target market. Have a listen with an open mind. You might have to make an effort, but you know the rewards will be worth it.

Genre - Rock | Progressive | Post-Metal
Country - Australia
Influences - A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Oceansize, Isis
Label - Unsigned

02.Key to Nowhere

FROM THE SHALLOWS - Beyond the unknown (EP) [2007]

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Death-metal
Country - USA
Sounds like - Viatrophy, TTEOTD, The Black Dahlia Murder, Woe Of Tyrant
Label - Tribunal Record
Myspace ||

01. Beyond The Unknown
02. Battle Axe
03. Ice Box
04. Under A Killing Moonlight/A Fire Is Awakening
05. The Chalice of Mankind
06. Dead Bolted Hell
07. Entities Beheading

Pioneers of progressive deathcore, enjoy this really huge shit. Moreover they sound really original for today again.

FALL IN ARCHAEA - Gatherings (EP) [2011]

Genre - Progressive & Groovy Mathcore | Deathcore
Country - Canada
Sounds like - Volumes, A Plea For Purging, Ion Dissonance
Label - Unsigned

01. The Messenger
02. Gatherings
03. Machines
04. High Tides
05. Anxiety
06. Blasphemy

Fucking great deathcore shit with freaky groove.

TEN MILLION SOUNDS : Morning Light Compilation [2012]

"Ten Million Sounds is a music platform. We're focused on spreading independent music we love, as well as the music you share with us. We've just released our first compilation album, titled Morning Light, featuring talented artists from eight different countries."

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Chillout
Country - USA

01.Avens - Remember Times
02.incise - Where I Find Peace
03.Berry Weight - Walking By Your Side
04.IV The Polymath - Setbacks
05.P.SUS - Blue Mountain
06.SayHi Beats - Wondering Why
07.Esta - Ocean
08.bugseed - Gentle
09.Eddie Allamand - Desires
10.Otso - The Beginning of the End
11.SoulJa - Summer Rain
12.Gazoo - Cold Shoulder
13.Larry Blueberry - Somewhere Going
14.Sinitus Tempo - Last Samurai