Friday, February 10, 2012

SKY FLYING BY - Discography [2011]

"SFB is a solo music project started many years ago, and only just recently started releasing material for consumption outside of a small core group of friends. the music is all instrumental, noisy, weird, quiet, simple, melodic, whatever.
This whole thing was started years and years ago, but got serious in an attempt to fight major depressive disorder. so far its working. this music is recorded and released to make it more real, and to provide a series of goals and objectives for me. keeps my head above water."

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Indie
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Album Leaf, Mogwai, The Echelon Effect
Label - Unsigned

What's The Farthest You Can See [Dec 2011]
01.A Total Lack of Understanding
02.Passing Through Unnoticed
03.Thousand Yard Stare
04.From Where We Stand
05.What's The Farthest You Can See?
06.More Questions Than Answers
07.The Conservation of Momentum


Singularity 1 (Single) [May 2011]


Do They Still Make Lighthouses? [Jan 2011]
01. Back And Fill
02. High Wind Advisory
03. Braving The Shallows
04. The Longer The Fall
05. Finding A Reason
06. Nothing Has Divided
07. Hold Your Fire

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