Friday, February 17, 2012


Guitarist/Songwriter Hayden Wrathall teamed up with friend and guitarist Jesse Youngson for some instrumental jams around 2009, under the name A Greylit Sky. In late 2009, drummer Adrian Lang and guitarist turned bassist Che Walden joined the fray for a more complete line up, which would soon be renamed Via Kaleidoscope. Although all demos so far have been written and recorded by Hayden Wrathall himself, the band have spent the majoirity of 2010/2011 perfecting their live sound. The many earthquakes centred in and around Christchurch in this time have played havoc with preparations for VK to gig, however they still have plans of playing some local shows in the near future.

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Ambient
Country - New-Zealand
Influences - Jakob, Explosions In The Sky, Isis, Cult Of Luna
Label - Unsigned

03.Doves In Rows
04.Solace In Endless

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