Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GORDON'S TSUNAMI WEEK - We see the reflection of ourselves in the frames we look at [2011]

Founded in 2001 by Sebastian Ziegler and Tobias Engler as an instrumental project, gordon’s tsunami week tries to unify soulful melodies and brute walls of sound. Influenced by bands like mono, explosions in the sky, envy, mogwai, 65daysofstatic, sigur rós, russian circles, deftones, dredg and aereogramme, we’re trying to catch atmosphere and express it experimentally. Different instruments (among others: violin, lap steel guitar and spherical samples) are assisting to set courses and to achieve a dreamy, gloomily character. Additional members of gordon’s tsunami week are: Jörg Schmaus(drums), Christian Bachmann(violin), Nepomuk Zettl(guitar), Florian Popp(bass). In the withering year of 2006 our first EP called "a place for nowhere" was recorded, produced by Mario Dahmen (liquid aether). The second EP "dropped by branches" was recorded in summer 2007.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Progressive
Country - Germany
Influences - Mono, EITS, Envy, Mogwai, 65daysofstatic, Sigur rós, Russian circles, Deftones, Dredg
Label - Truelove Entertainment

01.Clouds' colors bright will fade in mist
03.Achill sound
04.Already had cereals
05.The pale light softens edges
06.Café sans cauchemar
07.Bleeding walls
08.Spirits surround us on every side
09.And then I woke up

Amazing band, too much unrecognized, support it bying album HERE.

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