Friday, April 29, 2011

SHRINER - Shriner (EP) [2011]

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Post-metal | Dark-ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - Voyager, Cult Of Luna, Pg. Lost
Label - Unsigned

01. Oh, Priestess
02. Legend Of The Five Suns
03. Phantom Omen

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS - Endtimes [2010]

Risen as one of the European bands that pioneered the aggressive and powerful mixture of death metal and hardcore that strongly saturates modern heavy music, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS triumphantly returns with 'Endtimes', the group’s long-awaited third full length album.

Genre - Metal | Hardcore
Country - Germany
Sounds like - For The Fallen Dreams, Parkway Drive, It Prevails
Label - Swell Creek Records | Soul Food Records
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01. Intro
02. At World’s End
03. Unsung
04. Mirror Image
05. Dead Hearts
06. Traitor’s Halo
07. Your Heroes
08.Systematic Reclusion
09. To The Wolves
10. We'll Only Live As Long As We Choose To Carry On
11. Anchors Lost

Thursday, April 28, 2011

INTRONAUT - Discography [2006 - 2010]

Intronaut is a post-metal band from Los Angeles, California. They play progressive metal with harsh vocals combined with progressive and jazzy instrumental breaks. Their sound incorporates traits from sludge metal, jazz and death metal.

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Progressive | Experimental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Textures, Nahemah, Cynic, Exivious
Label - Lifeforce Records / Century Media
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Valley of smoke [2010]
01. Elegy
02. Above
03. Miasma
04. Sunderance
05. Core Relations
06. Below
07. Valley Of Smoke
08. Past Tense

Prehistoricism [2008]
01. Primordial Soup
02. The Literal Black Cloud
03. Cavernous Den Of Shame
04. Prehistoricisms
05. Any Port
06. Sundial
07. Australopithecus
08. The Reptillian Brain

Void [2006]
01. A Monolithic Vulgarity
02. Gleamer
03. Fault Lines
04. Nostalgic Echo
05. Teledildonics
06. Iceblocks
07. Rise to the Midden

MAYBESHEWILL - To the skies from a hillside [2010]

Maybeshewill are an instrumental band from Leicester, UK. Maybeshewill’s music is characterised by the use of electronic elements alongside more traditional ‘rock’ instrumentation. The band’s music is also littered with references to film and popular culture.

Genre - Post-rock | Post-metal | Electro | Instrumental
Country - UK
Sounds like - 65daysofstatic, Tides From Nebula, Pg. Lost
Label - Independant, DIY
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01. To the Skies From a Hillside
02. Спутник-2
03. To The Skies From A Hillside (The Party Mushroom Remix)

New release in July.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OCOAI - The electric hand [2011]

Ocoai is a 5 piece instrumental band from East Tennessee, formed in the summer of 2006. They are signed to Missing Words Records in Southern California, and record at Fahrenheit Studios in Johnson City, TN. Their sound has been called everything from post rock & doom metal to Pink Floyd killing a dinosaur. Whatever the categories they’ve been put into, mainy they’re a loud rock band that loves what they do & the bandmates they’re doing it with. Having started as a 4 piece, losing an original member & gaining 2 new ones, Ocoai have a sound that has evolved over its six year life span.

Genre - Post-rock | Dark-ambient | Atmospheric Sludge
Country - USA
Sounds like - Pg. Lost, Toundra, Tides From Nebula
Label - Missing Words Records

01. Waking fear
02. Niveus hills
03. Grimpeur
04. Somnium
05. La main d'Electrique
06. Marchand de sommeil
07. Morte audaciter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

RETURNING WE HEAR THE LARKS - Discography [2010 - 2011]

Returning We Hear the Larks is the Progressive Metal/Djent solo project of Jak Noble, a student from Bristol, England. The name is taken from the poem by Isaac Rosenberg.
Jak is a multi-instrumentalist (although primarily a 7-string guitarist and sitarist) who writes and records all of his music in his bedroom. Although the majority of it is instrumental, themes in his music include theories on space and time, as well as the First World War and the tragic loss of a generation of young men.

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal | Ambient
Country - UK
Sounds like - Meshuggah, Periphery, Fell Silent, Animals As Leader
Label - Unsigned
Purevolume ||

Proud England (EP) [2011]
1. Uprising
2. Vendetta
3. Unrest
4. Conquest


Alpha : The ypres month [october 2010]
01. Intro
02. The Virus [ft. Chris Gengler]
03. This Mangled, Rotting World... [ft. Beyond Our Eyes; TheBardOfBlasphemy]
04. Unbreakable [Veil of Maya cover]
05. Anton Chigurh Is Well Bad
06. Alpha
07. Obzen [Meshuggah cover]
08. Asphyxia
09. Eli Sunday
10. Immolation
11. The Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Will Be Grindcore [2010 Remake]


Ypres [september 2010]
01. Introduction
02. To Foreign Soil
03. The First to Fall
04. The Machines of Man
05. Of Spectres and Angels
06. Epilogue
07. Returning We Hear the Larks, Pt. 1: A Daemon in the Hearts of Man
08. Returning We Hear the Larks, Pt. 2: ...And Suddenly, We Eclipse This World


Of marduk [march 2010]
01. Europa
02. Callisto
03. Ganimede
04. Io

IMMANU EL - Discography [2007 - 2009]

The music of Immanu El is a wide spectrum of harmonic expressions and sounds in high quality that moves between presence and ambience in varying dynamics. Originally the band was inspired by early post rock and experimental music. Combined with more pop influences IMMANU EL found an expression and a sound of their own that became the fundament for their debut album (released 2007). The ambition has since the start in their mid teens been to create something captivating, beautiful and moving, but the way to perform this is always evolving.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Pop | Shoegaze
Country - Sweden
Sounds like - EITS, Pg.Lost, Final Days Society, Blueneck

Label - And The Sound Records
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MOEN [2009]
01. Agnes Day
02. Lionheart
03. Aerial
04. Hogamon One
05. Hogamon Two
06. May
07. Archers
08. Tunnel
09. Storm

They'll come, they come [2007]
01. Under Your Wings I'll Hide
02. Home
03. White Seraphs Wild
04. Astral Days
05. Panda
06. Kosmonaut
07. I Know You So Well...
08. ...In Valleys

Friday, April 22, 2011

XERATH - II [2011]

Xerath are a new cutting edge band combining crushing Meshuggah style riffs with epic orchestral composition. Their sound can be described as taking influence from Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah and Dimmu Borgir to create a distinctive sound they call “orchestral groove metal”

Genre - Progressive Math-metal | Symphonic
Country - UK
Sounds like - Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Mnemic
Label - Candlelight Records

01. Unite To Defy
02. God Of The Frontlines
03. Reform Part III
04. The Call To Arms
05. Machine Insurgency
06. Sworn To Sacrifice
07. Enemy Incited Armageddon
08. Nuclear Self Eradication
09. Numbered Among The Dead
10. The Glorious Death

KIMIKA - Octobre [2010]


Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - Canada
Sounds like - Explosion In The Sky, Signal Hill, Deadhorse, Daturah, Moonlit Sailor
Label - Unsigned
Myspace ||

01. Octobre
02. Eva
03. Atlantic City
04. Section A
05. Section B
06. Section C
07. Pluton

Explosive and subtle. Intense, sober. With your eyes wide open or closed, Kimika's music takes you away.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

ANGEL VIVALDI - The speed of dark (EP) [2010]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Instrumental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Between Killswitch Engage and Joe Satriani
Label - Unsigned
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01. An Angel's Poem On a Grave
02. Acid Reign
03. Sea of Heartbreak
04. The World Burning Around Me

SIGNAL HILL - More after we're gone [2009]

Signal Hill is an instrumental band from Los Angeles, CA. With influences such as The Mercury Program, Tristeza, and others, they play melodic, mid tempo, vocal-less ditties.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - USA
Sounds like - EITS, Mono, Condre Src, Giants

01. The Dead Vineyard
02. Intelligentsiya
03. Luna Park
04. Men Before Them
05. Floruit
06. Stunning Clarity
07. Men Before Us
08. Eternal Return
09. Llangollen
10. Afternoon Lull
11. A Secret Society
12. Our Sisters

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BLIND WITNESS - Nightmare on providence [2010]

Genre - Deathcore | Metalcore | Progressive
Country - Canada
Sounds like - All Shall Perish, Viatrophy, August Burns Red, Miss May I
Label - Mediaskare Records

01. Prologue
02. All Alone
03. Nightmare On Providence Street
04. Since The Begining
05. These Countless Sleepless Nights
06. 10 Minutes Of Clinical Death
07. Baby One More Notch
08. Have You Ever Been Lucky?
09. Lovely Flesh
10. For Life
11. The New Year

CECILIA :: EYES - Here dead we live [2010]

Genre - Post-Rock | Ambient | Shoegaze
Country - Belgium
Sounds like - This Will Destroy You, Mogwai, Eimog, I Hear Sirens
Label - Depot214

01. Like Wolves.
02. For The Fallen
03. Anthem For Doomed Youth
04. Four Lost Soldiers
05. The Departure
06. Fifty Years Under The Tent
07. No Prayers, No Bells, No Homeland
08. Death For Treason

THE FLASHBULB - Arboreal [2010]

Genre - Post-rock | Experimental | IDM | Ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - So hard to say...
Label - Alphabasic Records

01. Undiscovered Colors
02. Dragging Afloat
03. The Trees In Russia
04. We, The Dispelled
05. Meadow Crush
06. A Raw Understanding
07. Dread, Etched In Snow
08. A Million Dotted Lines
09. Once Weekly
10. Springtime In Distance
11. Dreaming Renewal
12. The Great Pumpkin Tapes
13. Lines Between Us
14. Burning The Black And White
15. Telescopic Memorial
16. Skeletons
17. Tomorrow Untrodden

HAMMOCK - Chasing after shadows...Living with the ghosts [2010]

Genre - Ambient | Post-rock | Experimental
Country - USA
Sounds like - TWDY, Hologram, Blueneck, Daycast, Board Of Canada
Label - Hammock Music

01.The Backward Step
03.Little Fly_Mouchette
05.In the Nothing of a Night
07.The Whole Catastrophe
08.The World We Knew As Children
09.Dust Is the Devil’s Snow
10.How Can I Make You Remember Me_
11.You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes
12.Something Other Than Remaining

DAYCAST - Finding our way home [2009]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Instrumental
Country - USA
Sounds like - This Will Destroy You, Moonlit Sailor, Signal Hill, Hammock
Label - Unknown or unsigned

01.Bright lights in a dark
02.The Midatlantic
03.The Distance Speaks
04.The Guitar Song
05.We Called You Ghost You
06.Finding Our Way Home

COLLAPSE UNDER THE EMPIRE - The sirens sound [2010]

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Instrumental
Country - Germany
Sounds like - The American Dollar, Daturah, Long Distance Calling
Label - Sister Jack Records

01. The Sirens Sound
02. Grade Separation
03. Violet Skies
04. Beware/Lost
05. A Different Complexion

YEAR OF NO LIGHT - Ausserwelt [2010]

Genre - Post-rock | Atmospheric Post-metal 
Country - France
Sounds like - Isis, Kehlvin, Rorcal, Caspian
Label - Conspiracy Records

01. Perséphone I
02. Perséphone II
03. Hiérophante
04. Abbesse

Monday, April 18, 2011

GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT - Age of the filth sun [2010]

Genre - Post-rock | Atmospheric Indie
Country - Irland
Sounds like - Mogwai, Lights Out Asia, Exxasens, The American Dollar
Label - Revive Records

01. Worlds in Collision
02. In the Distance Fading
03. Lost Kingdom
04. Golden Sky
05. Dark Rift
06. Parallel Highway
07. Shining Through
08. Age of the Fifth Sun
09. Paradise Remains

KEVIN SUTER - Complete Discography [2009 - 2010]

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal | Instrumental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Bulb, Dan Dankmeyer, Cloudkicker, Keith Merrow
Label - Unsigned

Good instrumental djent onemanband.
You can check the whole discography on Kevin Suter's bandcamp.
Check first "Secret EP" released in April 2010

Thursday, April 14, 2011

CLOUDKICKER - Discography [2008 - 2010]

Cloudkicker is one man progressive metal project from the artist B.M. Sharp, heavily influenced by math metal and post-metal. Sharp utilizes drum machines and custom tuned guitars in his recordings. progressive and instrumental influences are also obvious in his music.

Genre - Progressive Metal | Djent | Atmospheric
Country - USA
Sounds like - Chimp Spanners, Animals As Leader, Keith Merrow
Label - Unsigned

BEACONS [2010]
01. We Are Going To Invert...
02. Here, Wait A Minute! Damn It!
03. We're Goin' In. We're Going Down
04. Oh, God
05. I Admit It Now. I Was Scared
06. We Were All Scared
07. Push It Way Up!
08. ...It's Just Wide-Open Field
09. It's Bad. We're Hit, Man, We Are Hit
10. Amy, I Love You
11. Untitled


01. What It Is Impossible Not to Know and What It Is No Longer Permissible To Believe in the United States
02. A Hymn to the Projectile
03. One Enemy Among Twenty-Five Million Friends


01. Fourteen Nights
02. Modulator/Demodulator
03. Of Smoke and Fog
04. God Be With Ye


01. Hold On
02. Tip Your Van Driver
03. Seriosity
04. The Map Is Not The Territory
05. Ever Thus To Deadbeats


01. Genesis Device
02. Dysphoria
03. Avalanche
04. Everything’s Mirrors
05. Viceroy
06. Segue:
07 .The Discovery
08. Covington
09. Triumvirate!
10. States

Impressive artist, no words to describe his work and his talent.
All his discography is downloading free on his bandcamp page, but you can donate if you want.

PG. LOST - In never out [2009]

Genre - Post-rock | Dark-ambient | Shoegaze
Country - Sweden
Sounds like - Daturah, Caspian, The Seven Miles Journey
Label - Black Star Fundation Records
Myspace || Lastfm

03.Heart of Hearts
04.Still Alright

BENEA REACH - Alleviat [2008]

Genre - Progressive Math-metal | Hardcore
Country - Norway
Sounds like - A Life Once Lost, Meshuggah, Mnemic
Label - Tabu Records

01. Awakening
02. New Waters
03. Lionize
04. Sentiment
05. Reason
06. Legacy
07. Rejuvenate
08. Illume
09. Zenith
10. Unconditional
11. Dominion

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

EXISTENCE - Misanthropy (EP) [2011]

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Hardcore
Country - USA
Sounds like - Volumes, For The Fallen Dreams, Adaliah
Label - Unsigned

01. If I Were You...
02. Anthropomorphized
03. End Game Ft. Dan Boyle Of Sirens
04. Recall/Revise
05. Misanthropy
06. Human Error
07. Columbine 2.0 (Feat. Ron Gilbert Of Float Face Down)

Support this awesome band.

THE BURNING SEASON - Onward anthem [2007]

Genre - Melodic Hardcore
Country - USA
Sounds like - Atreyu, Underoath, Haste The Day
Label - Eulogy Recording
Myspace || Lastfm

01. The Broadcast
02. Something More
03. Bite The Bullet
04. Morse Code Romance
05. Dear Seductress
06. The Onward Anthem
07. Wearing Thin
08. Pick Up The Pieces
09. Throwing Caution
10. Awaking The Ghost
11. My Spirit My Stride

LATITUDES - Agonist [2009]

Genre - Post-metal | Atmospheric Sludge | Progressive
Country - UK
Sounds like - Catacombe, Khelvin, Pelican, Mastodon
Label - Shelsmusic Records

01.Myth Cathexis
03.Fluxes Of The Womb
04.Steppe And Veld
06.Hunting Dance

METAVARI - Be one of us and hear no noise [2009]

Genre - Post-rock | Electro | Ambient
Country - USA
Sounds like - French Teen Idol, Crisopa, The Album Leaf
Myspace ||

01.Kings Die Like Other Men
02.Shimmer Marina
03.Twilight Over Akaishi
04.The Priest, The Shore, And The Wait
05.Be One Of Us And Hear No Noise
06.Io, Apollo, And The Veil
09.Story For A Song Without End
10.Pacific Lights

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AMENRA - Mass III [2008]

Genre - Post-hardcore | Atmosphric Sludge | Screamo
Country - Belgium
Sounds like - Rorcal, Kehlvin, Cult Of Luna
Label - Hypertension Records

01. Silver Needle. Golden Nail
02. Le Gardien Des Reves
03. De Dodenakker
04. Terziele
05. Razoreater
06. Aorte. Nous Sommes Du Meme Sang
07. Thurifer. Et Clamor Ad Te Veniat


Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Mathcore
Country - Italy
Sounds like - Fall in Archaea, Ion Dissonance, Embrace The End
Label - Unsigned
Myspace || Facebook
01. Breathe
02. Clarity
03. Suspended
04. Renaissance
05. Unconcerned

WTF, this is great discovery. Awesome progressive mathcore with dissonant moshpart.

BULB - Best-of #2 [2009]

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal | Instrumental
Country - USA
Sounds like - Periphery, Tesseract, Textures

01.Attempt insertion
02.B equals D
03.Black machine B6 test
04.Black or white (Mickael Jacson cover)
06.Epic fail
08.Froggin' bullfish
09.Heliovice (with vocals)
10.Illustrated groove
11.Jet pack was yes!
12.Light (with vocals/Periphery song)
13.Metal foundry and RG2228 test
14.Post waltz
15.Prelude bomb fare (Final Fantasy 7 cover)
16.Press enter
17.The walk 2.0 (with vocals/Periphery song)
18.Xcalibur groove

 New medley from Misha Mansoor (Bulb/Periphery)

VIOLENCE FROM WITHIN - Reminiscence [2009]

Formed in March 2007, this band tries to mix together all the music styles they are keen on. After several live performances and 4 songs recorded in home-studio, the band decided to record in September 2008 their first album 'Reminiscence' in the Jack Studio’s in Belgium and has been released in October 2009. Since then, the band has played across France with famous acts such as Walls Of Jericho, Protest The Hero, Texas In July, The Chariot and Darkane. The bands most recent material, a demo entitled 'The Umbilical Regeneration' (mastered by Zeuss -Ion Dissonance, The Acacia Strain, Emmure-),was released in August 2011. A follow-up release is expected at some point during 2012.

Genre - Deathcore | Thrash | Progressive
Country - France
Sounds like - All Shall Perish, Chimaira, Textures 

Label - SendTheWood Music
Facebook || Reverbnation

01. Conclusion Of A Fatality
02. And She Stares Loss Her Innocence
03. Redemption
04. The Brainless Malestrom
05. Silk Of Wisdom
06. Reminiscence
07. The Last Son Of Man
08. Dead End Exit
09. Breath Of Presomption
10. The Blended Brothers