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RETURNING WE HEAR THE LARKS - Discography [2010 - 2011]

Returning We Hear the Larks is the Progressive Metal/Djent solo project of Jak Noble, a student from Bristol, England. The name is taken from the poem by Isaac Rosenberg.
Jak is a multi-instrumentalist (although primarily a 7-string guitarist and sitarist) who writes and records all of his music in his bedroom. Although the majority of it is instrumental, themes in his music include theories on space and time, as well as the First World War and the tragic loss of a generation of young men.

Genre - Djent | Progressive Metal | Ambient
Country - UK
Sounds like - Meshuggah, Periphery, Fell Silent, Animals As Leader
Label - Unsigned
Purevolume ||

Proud England (EP) [2011]
1. Uprising
2. Vendetta
3. Unrest
4. Conquest


Alpha : The ypres month [october 2010]
01. Intro
02. The Virus [ft. Chris Gengler]
03. This Mangled, Rotting World... [ft. Beyond Our Eyes; TheBardOfBlasphemy]
04. Unbreakable [Veil of Maya cover]
05. Anton Chigurh Is Well Bad
06. Alpha
07. Obzen [Meshuggah cover]
08. Asphyxia
09. Eli Sunday
10. Immolation
11. The Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Will Be Grindcore [2010 Remake]


Ypres [september 2010]
01. Introduction
02. To Foreign Soil
03. The First to Fall
04. The Machines of Man
05. Of Spectres and Angels
06. Epilogue
07. Returning We Hear the Larks, Pt. 1: A Daemon in the Hearts of Man
08. Returning We Hear the Larks, Pt. 2: ...And Suddenly, We Eclipse This World


Of marduk [march 2010]
01. Europa
02. Callisto
03. Ganimede
04. Io

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