Friday, April 8, 2011

IAMBIC - Echoes (EP) [2009]

Iambic is the new alias of iambic². Due to much confusion over the name, the ‘squared’ part has now been excluded. Iambic is an electronic music act based in London, UK which was created by Guy Andrews in 2004. The music is based around the ambient genre but fuses elements of many other styles together including Jazz, Soundscape, IDM, Post-Rock and Break Beat to create a new and evocative sound.

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Chillout
Country - UK
Sounds like - Rhian Sheehan, Subheim, Jatun
Label - Laridae Records

01. transitions
02. fragments
03. break 57
04. suburbium
05. terra firma
06. terra firma (halogen rmx)
07. transitions (radio edit)

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