Sunday, April 10, 2011

YOUR MEMORIAL - Seasons [2008]

Your Memorial does just that with their brand of progressive crushing rhythms that meld into ambient swells of melody. Although their influences span multiple genres, their impassioned laser-focus is what makes Your Memorial a stand-out metal act.

Unconfined to one genre alone, Your Memorial strives to create songs that harness many genres and aspects of music. With their debut full length ‘Seasons’ they’re taking a dual concept approach bringing you through the seasons of the year and seasons of life. From progressive crush to the relief of ambient swells and melodies their sound is wound tightly together by precision drumming, crisp guitars, and monstrous vocals. Your Memorial is bringing their multi-genre phenomenon to cities all over the US!

Genre - Post-metalcore | Progressive
Country - USA
Sounds like - Misery Signals, Viatrophy, After The Burial
Label - Facedown Records
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01. Spring
02. Learn Your Lies
03. Return To Reality
04. Summer
05. Turn It Around
06. Vanquished
07. Autumn
08. Empyrean
09. Seasons
10. Winter
11. Cease: The Eliminator

Another band who has changed my vision of metal. Cult album.

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