Monday, April 11, 2011

CULLING THE WEAK - Culling the weak [2009]

"Culling the Weak is a band focused on diversity, combining different influences from all sides of music to create one idea to better illustrate our message. The term Culling the Weak means to separate the weak from the herd to make better means for survival. Our meaning behind Culling the Weak is to stand by the weak, be their strength and help rid themselves of their weaknesses. With that, we create a much greater scale of people willing to stand along side one another. A message we all must embrace to build a better future of us.

Our diversity derives from influences the world over. From Europe to the U.S. covering styles such as black metal, death metal, melodic hardcore, thrash metal with hints of power metal and punk rock. Trying to have no limitation on what we can create and only going forward in our abilities to give this to the world. There is so much out there to be inspired by, we find that for us breaking the boundaries of sub genres and just creating what’s in your heart to be our driving force. This is only the beginning for us to show what “metal” is capable of when walls are torn down and nothing is set in stone." Culling The Weak

Genre - Melodic Deathcore | Progressive
Country - USA
Sounds like - Darkest Hour, All Shall Perish, As i Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage
Label - Unsigned
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01. Intro
02. Lead Me Not Into Damnation
03. Through Glass I See You Fading
04. Deadly Beloved
05. One Voice For A Revolution
06. Weight Of The World
07. The Star's Apologies To The Sky
08. Descent
09. Left In Ruin
10. Remember Us
11. Merciless

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