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IMMANU EL - Discography [2007 - 2009]

The music of Immanu El is a wide spectrum of harmonic expressions and sounds in high quality that moves between presence and ambience in varying dynamics. Originally the band was inspired by early post rock and experimental music. Combined with more pop influences IMMANU EL found an expression and a sound of their own that became the fundament for their debut album (released 2007). The ambition has since the start in their mid teens been to create something captivating, beautiful and moving, but the way to perform this is always evolving.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Pop | Shoegaze
Country - Sweden
Sounds like - EITS, Pg.Lost, Final Days Society, Blueneck

Label - And The Sound Records
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MOEN [2009]
01. Agnes Day
02. Lionheart
03. Aerial
04. Hogamon One
05. Hogamon Two
06. May
07. Archers
08. Tunnel
09. Storm

They'll come, they come [2007]
01. Under Your Wings I'll Hide
02. Home
03. White Seraphs Wild
04. Astral Days
05. Panda
06. Kosmonaut
07. I Know You So Well...
08. ...In Valleys

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