Sunday, March 18, 2012

FREESSCAPE - Next confusion [2007]

This duo was formed in 2003 by singer, songwriter and cellist Emi Evans and multi instrumentalist, composer and arranger Hiroyuki Muneta. Employing a slightly elusive style of UK chill out, soaring melodies and sensitive vocals, freesscape now operate under their own label, freesscape music where they are creating hard to promote emotionally honest, uninhibited music.

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Trip-hop
Country - Japan
Sounds like - Björk, Sarah Fimm, Tori Amos
Label - Unsigned
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01. Eternal Haze
02. Golden Spectrum
03. Corners
04. Picture Frame
05. Detour
06. T&C
07. Sit Down
08. Reply
09. Next Confusion
10. Made My Peace
11. Cosmos
12. Next Confusion (original version)
13. Cows

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