Monday, March 28, 2011

BOYS IN FICTION - Discography [2007 - 2010]

Boy is Fiction is Australian musician and designer Alex Gillett. A studio based project, Boy Is Fiction fuses organic and digital elements to create a dark, progressive and intensely personal environment. Originally a guitarist, Gillett has shifted his focus to a wide ranging selection of instruments and production tools to document thoughts, experiences and ultimately develop Boy Is Fiction into its current form.

Genre - Electro | Ambient | IDM
Country - Australia
Sounds like - Bitcrush,  Lights Out Asia, Subheim, Jatun
Label - Sun Sea Sky Records
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01. In
02. As Far From Here As Possible
03. Feeling Lazy
04. Pinprick
05. Silo
06. Sand
07. Rat
08. I Close My Eyes
09. Either Way, I’m Dead
10. Your Name On My Skin
11. I Left You There
12. My Veins Are Blocked
13. Until Morning Comes
14. For My Friend

01. BiF vs 307
02. Why Did You Do That
03. Tomorrow Not Today
04. I'll Look For You
05. If You Hear Me Fall
06. Stack Is Bad
07. Should Have Stopped
08. Glue-Let Me Think
10. The Bits In The Numbers

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