Monday, March 28, 2011

ÁLFHEIMR - What allows us to endure [2011]

Álfheimr is the one-person post-rock project operating out of Redding, California. Formed in Portland, Oregon in 2008 by Madison Asche, Álfheimr’s first release “These Songs We Sing Will Fade to Silence” was released on several blogs, with Post Rock Community saying to listen to “These Songs We Sing” is to “enter a world in that everything seems to be beautiful.” The Siren’s Sound praised “the art of projecting the distortions,” and “The love of mixing, merging and making a blend that is uncomparable and unparalleled.”

Genre - Ambient | Electro | Post-rock
Country - USA
Sounds like - The Album Leaf, GIAA, The Echelon Effect, Sigur Ros
Label - Unsigned

01. A Song For Laughter & Forgetting
02. A Song For Beauty & Adornment
03. A Song For Decision & Inevitability
04. A Song For Loss & Inheritance
05. A Song For Distance & Circumstance
06. A Song For Time & Forgiveness
07. A Song For Dreams & Hopes
08. A Song For You & I

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