Sunday, March 27, 2011

DEXTRO - Winded [2009]

Dextro (not to be confused with DJ Dextro) is the pseudonym given to the Scottish Falkirk born DIY musician Ewan Mackenzie. Under the Dextro moniker he has released a number of works, notably the albums Winded (2009), Consequence Music (2006) and the 12” single Do You Need Help (2004). The music of Dextro is primarily described as electronica that makes references to the shoegaze movement, with added influences from the post rock and ‘folk’ music genres.

Genre - Electro | Ambient | Atmospheric Post-rock
Country - UK
Sounds like - The American Dollar, Boards Of Canada, Near The Parenthesis
Bitrates - 320kbps
Label - 16k Records
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01. Closer
02. The Pacifist
03. Momentary
04. The Unknown
05. Ilm
06. Sanna
07. Ring Cycle
08. Pillar

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