Sunday, March 27, 2011

PROGHMA-C - Bar-do travel [2009]

The tale of PROGHMA-C began in 2002, when a group of experimental music aficionados crossed their paths of musical exploration. Three individuals decided to merge three different fields of experience into a single entity. The love for music, the energy and the will to create an alternative world of sound were - and remain to this day - the driving force of PROGHMA-C. The band is subject to constant metamorphoses, experiments, and most of all, the incessant will to create music, which will always remain an undiscovered realm of beauty.

Genre - Progressive Metal | Experimental | Djent
Country - Poland
Sounds like - Meshuggah, Tool, Cynic, Deely
Label - Mystic Production
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01. Kana
02. FO
03. Spiralin'
04. Spiraling to another
05. Spitted Out (Spitted)
06. Spitted Out (Out)
07. So Be, Live
08. Cannot Illuminate With You
09. Naan
10. Army of Me [BJORK cover]

¤¤ Awesome band ¤¤

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