Sunday, March 27, 2011

BLACK SHEEP WALL - I am god songs [2007]

Black Sheep Wall, either a cheat code in starcraft, or a band that is characterized by the monumental amount of anger, disgust and desperation in their music. Black Sheep Wall relays borders by creating heavy music, not by multiplying the amount of b.p.m., but by finding the perfect balance between deeply emotional vocal work, low-tuned guitaring, punching bass and crushing midtempo drumming.

Genre - Sludge | Post-metal | Noisecore
Country - USA
Sounds like - Between Meshuggah, Neurosis & Converge
Label - Shels Music Records
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01. Nihility
02. Care By Carcinogenic
03. DJewbf348thoqab
04. Modest Machine
05. Myolden
06. Lamb... gayy
07. D327ht2qwbref2 5g2
08. Ten Fucking Billion
09. Xiomara

Fantastic band.

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