Friday, July 26, 2013

FALL OF A SEASON - Decades In A Bleeding World [2004]

Fall Of A Season was a german metalcore band from Eastern Germany founded in 2001 by five friends sharing their love and passion making music together. The band released one EP, one Split-CD together with their brazilian friends XCONFRONTOX and one debut album. The band played more than 60 shows in Germany and all over Europe until they finally broke up in 2007.

Genre - Metalcore | Thrash-metal | Hardcore
Country - Germany
Sounds like - Maroon, Feast For The Crows, Heaven Shall Burn
Label - Circulation Records

01. Agony Of A Broken Boy
02. A Tidal Lament
03. Decades In A Bleeding World
04. Laureen 04:10 5. Emptiness Is Just A Phrase
06. Hymn To The Unknown (Instrumental)
07. A Kiss Bittersweet
08. In Grief And Tragedy
09. The Hollow
10. Forever Carved

RIP band. One of pioneers of metalcore in Europe with others famous german bands as Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, and Maroon.


  1. Label: Circulation Records. We do not played 400 shows in 6 years;)

  2. ok for the label but how muany shows then? this is taken from the band bandcamp.

  3. maybe 50-70 or something like that

  4. ok done but you have to change that on your bio.
    cheers :)