Monday, July 15, 2013

BICHE - Biche (EP) [2013]

Biche is a doom/sludge duo from Reims, France. Formed in march 2012 by two ex-members of a stoner/garage band, they play a loud, heavy and violent music, influenced by bands such as Dark Castle, Mares of Thrace, Eagle Twin...

Genre - Sludge | Doom | Noise
Country - France (Reims)
Influences - Amenra, Thou, Dark Castle...
Label - Unsigned

01. Agrafe-moi les couilles sur une table à repasser
02. SUSU!
03. Terre
04. 6 millions
05. Viol de tes propres ailes
06. Un bon dimanche

Love some titles song like "Agrafe-moi les couilles sur une table à repasser"  which mean "Clip my balls on ironing board". It's so poetic...:)

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