Wednesday, November 14, 2012

UNSEEN OUR VOICE - Both Sides Suffer Heavy Losses, But We Faced An Unavoidable Conclusion (COMPILATION) [2012]

"Both Sides Suffer Heavy Losses, But We Faced An Unavoidable Conclusion" is a specially curated selection of our favourite Greek ambient, postrock, postmetal, experimental, shoegaze artists. Please listen, share and enjoy. The future for Greek music is bright. *Hope, Answers, Fight, Dreamers ... More Hope For Greece*

01.Adolf Plays The Jazz - Drive - Raindrops And Oceans
03.Sleepstream - The Spirit
04.The Jesterdays - Tricky Moon
05.Misuse - Dear Hunter
06.Quiet Pliz! - Alla Prima
07.Absent Without Leave - Faded Photographs
08.Gravitysays_i - Τhe Urge Οf Identity, The Figures Οf Enormous Grey
09.Tuber - Smoked Up Notes
10.I am no hero - F 16
11.Afformance - Countryside Somnambulance
12.Mani Deum - At The End Of The Street
13.One Hour Before The Trip - 5474
14.Figurant - Dead Tree
15.Calf - Dorian Grey Killed The Last Vestiges Of His Conciousness
16.SnoozeLoop - Eksi (feat P.Stoikos)
17.Deadfile - A Girl Called Dust Storm
18.Hior Chronik - Starving But Happy Edition
19.Accra Minoa - Broken Tympanic Bone
20.GoodLuckWithTheBombs - Sirens
21.The Wedding - Sterko
22.Whodoes - 5 PM

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