Friday, November 30, 2012

THE ATARIS - Live in Los Angeles [2012]

"This is a soundboard recording of a show The Ataris played in Los Angeles not too long ago. What you hear is exactly how it was played. No edits, no overdubs. A raw, honest, no frills recording with good energy and some familiar sing-along's. A solid portrait of our band doing what we do best. Getting in our beat up little van and bringing our songs to the world.

Our van's engine actually blew up on our most recent U.S. tour. Your donations for this download are welcome and greatly appreciated. They will help us cover the cost of the new engine, so that we may continue touring, recording and bringing new music to you.

In return, we will continue to bring you these special, exclusive releases to download here via our Bandcamp.

Thanks for listening and for your endless support!
Much Love, The Ataris"

Genre - Emo-Punk | Indie
Country - USA
Label - Paper + Plastick

01.In This Diary
02.Unopened Letter To The World
03.The Hero Dies In This One
04.My Hotel Year
05.So Long, Astoria
06.Can't Hardly Wait
08.Takeoffs And Landings
09.Your Boyfriend Sucks
11.San Dimas

As you know i'm a big fan of this band, they will deserve to be more recognize
Thanks to them to share this live free.

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