Monday, November 26, 2012

TRUTH BEHOLD - Maieutic [2012]

TRUTH BEHOLD is a progressive deathcore band grown in Montreal, Canada. Founded in March of 2010, the band musters five musicians born in 1993 and 1994. The music is composed by and strummed by Cairn Tse-Lalonde, exhaled by Victor Soubry, strummed also by Anthony Karaplis, fingered by Charles Coutu, and brutally battered to death by Jay Essiambre. Be prepared to have your ears perforated by majestic tunes, as the Canadian quintet has released their debut full length "Maieutic." Being teenagers still, the musicians' future potential currently sees no limits. TRUTH BEHOLD is not to be ignored.

Genre - Progressive Deathcore | Djent
Country - Canada
Sounds like - The Contortionist, Circle Of Contempt, Veil Of Maya
Label - DIY

02.Path to Progression
04.Omitted Omniscience
06.Habeas Corpus
07.Phoenix Rises
09.Babylon 2.0

¤¤ Nice band ¤¤

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