Wednesday, January 4, 2012

INNERTY - Tabula rasa [2012]

Innerty sees the light of day in January 2003. After the departure of their first bass player, the band will play as a trio for a few years before meeting OYC, tour bass player of The Ocean at the time, and singer/bass player in several other acts.
Influenced by bands ranging from the devastating chaos of The Dillinger Escape Plan or Sikth, the rythmic creativity of Meshuggah or Tool, to the overwhelming athmospheres of Isis and Neurosis; Innerty shape their very own personnality with a well balanced melting pot of metal, hardcore, jazz, prog rock and electronic ambiant, with solid, complex grooves and structures.
After nearly 7 years of gigs and small tours, 2 self released EPs and a few compilation appearances (The Apparatus Mecha Organa being the last one), Innerty's first album, Tabula Rasa, will be relased in 2011.

Genre - Progressive Math-metal
Country - France
Sounds like - Textures, Intronaut, Vildhjarta, Sikth
Label - Unsigned

01. Abiotic Landscapes
02. Sphenoid
03. Monism Needs A Ro
04. (Enter The) Void
05. Kubark (feat. Igorrr)
06. The Divine Phenomenology Of Cold Fire
07. Tabula Rasa Pt. 1 - Cave
08. Tabula Rasa Pt. 2 - Noesis
09. Tabula Rasa Pt. 3 - Solipsism Of A Dying Man
10. Qualophobia
11. Innate Anamnesis

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