Friday, January 27, 2012

AVIATIONS - Nineties nine ties (SINGLE) [2012]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Ambient | Djent
Country - USA
Sounds like - Chimp Spanner, Gru
Label - Unsigned

"Aviations is a Berklee College of Music based progressive metal band formed in 2011. The group was started by drummer James Knoerl from Michigan and guitarist Sam Harchik from Massachusetts. We are looking for another guitarist and a clean vocalist in the vocal style of other bands such as Lower Definition. Contact us at our Gmail or our Facebook page."

This guys definitively don't need (clean) vocalist, their instrumental music is amazing. 

Why this new mood to add sucking cleans vocals on great music? For example, The Contortionist or A Plea For Purging has done the same shit on their last album. Why? Label ask? Public ask? Crazy whores has threated you to cut your balls? 
I think it's really useless...please keep it real.