Friday, January 20, 2012

CAPILLARIES - Into the History of Light (EP) [2012]

Capillaries is an instrumental band of four from Atlanta, GA. The music of Capillaries captures a dark history and remains willing to stay behind and investigate it. There are hints of ambience with a sense of immediacy driving it along. Noise and melody become unintended bedfellows. Bass-driven leads and non-traditional rhythms become the substratum for soaring guitars that take listeners to new heights just before pummeling them back into the earth.

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient
Country - USA
Influences - Mogwai, Mono, This Will Destroy You...
Label - Unsigned

01. The History of Light 08:00
02. Metals of Callisto 04:24
03. Summit 06:26
04. Lumen 04:33
05. Extraction Point

Band request. Really beautiful post-rock.

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