Monday, October 17, 2011

STORMS - We are storms [2011]

Storms is an instrumental rock / post-rock band that formed in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2009. The band rose from groups such as Don't Mess With Texas, Amok, Nikad, Radio Free Isaac and Lunar, among many other Croatian indie/hardcore/punk bands. When Don't Mess With Texas disbanded, three members continued playing music. Together with Ivan of Amok and Senata Fox, Storms was formed. Ivan left the ba...nd in October, 2009 and now Storms is a three piece, consisting of Slobich (bass guitar), Sasha (guitar) and Neven (drums). So far, a self-produced demo has been recorded, as a preview of the full length album to be released by the end of spring 2011 on Moonlee Records. Storms is planning a European tour to occur sometime in 2011.

Genre - Post-rock | Indie | Progressive
Country - Croatia (Zagreb)
Label - Moonlee Records

01. Nineteen Eighty Bore
02. Up The Punks, Fuck The Drunks
03. Mount Manhattan
04. I Am Vile
05. To Hell In A Handbag
06. Gutless
07. Heroine
08. Hope Or Hype
09. I'll Be Damned
10. The Bitter End

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