Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DAMASCUS - Discography [2011]

Genre - Post-rock | Math-rock | Ambient
Country - USA
Influences - Russian Circles, Mastodon, Explosions in the Sky, Gospel, Rosetta, And So I Watch You From Afar, Between the Buried and Me, Caspian, Isis, Jakob, Tool, Sigur Ros, toe, Mono, Opeth, and Refused.
Label - Unsigned

Of Whom I Always Think (EP) [2011]
01. Ambition
02. Schematics
03. Interference

Salutations, Distant Satellite! [2011]
01. Equinox
02. Mokujin
03. Autumn Hymn
04. Borealis
05. Celestial Hymn
06. Khalida
07. Meridian Hymn

Highly recommanded for fans of Tides From Nebula.


  1. Hello! I'm one of the members of Damascus. First off I wanted to thank you for supporting us by including our music on your fantastic blog. We really appreciate it!

    However, I thought you might want to know that almost all the information you posted here is wrong, haha. Doug Rockwell was our very excellent producer and engineer for both EP's and is a fantastic guy, but he isn't in the band and didn't write any of our music. The FB link above is to his group, and the band photo posted is Doug and his band -who, for the record, you should definitely check out!

    Our information can be found at our Facebook page, here: http://facebook.com/damascusnj

    Again, thanks for the support. I hope this clears things up! Cheers

  2. Hi!
    Haha i really suck didn't i?^^ thx to share your amazing music and support my blog. Sorry for the wrong bio, your explanation is perfect ;)
    I've rectified all info/link, but i did'nt found any bio on your fb.
    Greetings from France.