Friday, June 27, 2014

MOUNTAINS UNDER OCEANS - Mountains Under Oceans (E​​P) [2014]

Mountains Under Oceans are a 4-piece band based in Glasgow, Scotland, who are unlike anything you've heard before. Combining ambience and heaviness to create a new blend of experimental and progressive songs, that are filled with multi-textured layers of electronic, instrumental passages and downtuned, technical riffs that will shake the very ground beneath you.

Genre - Progressive Post-rock | Atmospheric Post-metal
Country - UK (Scotland, Glasgow)
Sounds like - Intronaut, Cloudkicker, GIAA, Tides From Nebula
Label - Unsigned

01. Memory (06:54)
02. Paths (04:53)
03. Return (06:23)
04. Salvation (06:25)


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