Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CONCATENATE - The 7th [2014]

Genre - Progressive & Atmospheric Djent
Country - Argentina
Sounds like - Cloudkicker, Chimp Spanner, Gru, Deely
Label - Unsigned

01. Opening (06:59)
02. Mistrustful (06:40)
03. Jungle Of Lies (06:09)
04. Not Easy To Tell (06:22)
05. Drum & Bass & Prog (04:21)
06. Mr. Bus Driver (06:38)
07. The 7th (05:24)
08. Once Upon A Time (06:07)
09. "Done" Doesn't Exist (06:06)
10. Go! (06:44)
11. I'm Here (06:03)
12. Doing Things The Hard Way (06:14)
13. The Hunt (07:12)

Note from the artist:
This album, as the title suggests, is my 7th release. After some time experimenting with my bass guitar I managed to make it sound like an 8-string guitar 'cause I still don't have one, plus there are some songs that are played with a six-string guitar in B. It has very heavy riffs, lots of guitar layers and leads and polyrhythms. I really hope you enjoy this album.
NOTE: If Bandcamp free downloads are over please check out my Facebook Page, there's an alternative free download link there! My PayPal account is out of my reach, so I'm not able to actually get the money you're seding me! Also I feel better when I know you didn't have to pay for it since I don't spend any extra money for doing this :D
Really dig a lot this artist and this new release. Thx to him for sharing it free!

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