Tuesday, January 7, 2014

THE SOUND OF RESCUE - The Sound Of Rescue [2012]

The Sound Of Rescue is a music project comprised of 3 brothers from Baltimore, MD, USA.
The group's signature and intentionally lo-fi, drone-heavy brand of post-rock has been entrancing the mid-Atlantic region and beyond since the fall of 2010.
Carefully crafted in basements and apartment homes with a variety of instruments, and recorded as much for the eye as the ear, The Sound Of Rescue's intensely visual compositions promise to provide a fitting sonic backdrop - or foreground - for any occasion.

Genre - Atmospheric Post-rock | Ambient | Soundscape
Country - USA (Baltimore, MD)
Sounds like - Hammock, Hologram, Helios, TWDY
Label - Unsigned

01. Anonymous
02. Heavy Steps
03. And Still We Soldier On
04. Things We Left Unsaid
05. The Steady Descent
06. An Echo of Nothing
07. Forward
08. Take Heart
09. Warren Road
10. Reprise
11. #43 [Bonus Track]
12. Gymnopédie no. 1 - Lent et Douloureux [Bonus Track]
13. The Steady Descent (Furniture Mix) [Bonus Track]

Wonderful soundcape album, with sweet atmospheres.
New album 'Forms' released this month is available here (7$)

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