Thursday, January 2, 2014

THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE - Consequences [2013]

After having spent a good part of the last two years delivering spasmodic live shows all across Europe, Basque-based THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have entered the studio with producer/sound engineer Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, Death Engine, As We Draw…) to record "Consequences", their deafening second full-length. 
Recorded live to keep the chaos and intensity of the band's physical live performances, these eleven tracks spread a wider, more personal sound, expanding their brutally crushing and discordant brand of hardcore to new horizons. 
Constantly switching between two-minute ear-blasting assaults that will make your adrenaline rush and slower, heavier tracks where the band explores a more oppressive atmosphere, "Consequences" shows a band that has matured and expanded it's musical vision, while sounding tighter and wilder than ever.

Genre - Chaotic & Atmospheric Sludge | Mathcore
Country - France (Basque Country)
Sounds like - Amia Venera Landscape, Fall Of Efrafa, Buried Inside, Amenra
Label - Throatruiner+Swarm Of Nail (FR) /Black Lake Records (UK)/ Dingleberry Records (GER)

01. Consequences
02. Life Sentence
03. Gravel
04. Mass Grave
05. Masks
06. Spitting
07. The Stake
08. Zigeuner
09. Frozen Hearts
10. Candor
11. Behind The Scars

Massive album!
I don't understand why they aren't more known, not seen on any music blog, except reviews on french webzines.

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