Monday, November 14, 2011

OUR LAST CRUSADE - Demo [2011]

Formed in January 2010, Our Last Crusade is the collaboration of 4 individuals who came together to share a common belief. “Music is our passion. It’s what we believe in. It’s how we were raised. Music has made us who we are. When put in perspective, our music is our crusade”.

Their first EP, released in May 2010 and titled “The Essence of Everything” is what ignited the fire. It had a sound that was not quite like any other band. Drawn from a range of influences, it was a melting pot of heavy music. Today, Our Last Crusade continues to grow as individual musicians as well as a band, striving to stand out in today’s era of metal. With their demo release in October 2011 that added an 8-string guitar and a 6-string bass, Our Last Crusade looks to bring forth their own diverse sound as a band while illustrating what lies ahead in the future. As a self-professed metal band with a heavy, hardcore influenced tone, they intend on pushing the definition of this style of music in every sense possible to make a style that is their own.

Genre - Metal | Hardcore | Progressive Djent
Country - Canada
Sounds like - Lifeforms, Structures
Label - Unsigned

01. Kingdom
02. Shepherd
03. Avenger

By band request.

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