Monday, March 3, 2014

SOLARIS - The truth can only be learned by marching forward [2011]

Solaris was formed in year 2005 and the first lineup consisted of three members – guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer. Passing time, three drummers changed the lineup of Solaris. In the mentioned time, the band was joined by two guitarists and a vocalist who manages modulations and keys. The band has recorded four full lenght albums. Two of them are self released. In year 2007 the third album “Portraits Noires” was released under the russian record label ''Old School Kids records''. The material for “The Truth Can Only Be Learned By Marching Forward” was recorded in ''Hodila'' studio with Girts Laumanis, who's worked with such known Latvian bands as Tesa and Soundarcade. The sound of Solaris has changed since “Portraits Noires”, so the new record sounds more massive and powerful. The sound is heavier, colder and darker. In general, Solaris is a dark, atmospheric and avant-garde post rock/post metal band with a mixture of electronic flow all over it.

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Doom
Country - Latvia
Sounds like - Pelican, Neurosis, Sunno ))), Omega Massif
Label - Independant (RIP band)

01. Aurora 5000 / Encountering Total Solitude
02. Through The Forest Of Crying Queens
03. Why Do Wolves Howl I / Why Do Wolves Howl II
04. Distant Crusades / From Bloodwaves To Frost
05. Footprints In The Snow / You As Stones In Me
06. Last Episode / Human Shall Fall


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