Monday, December 2, 2013

KULTIKA - The Strange Innerdweller [2013]

Kultika is now the product of different influences from progressive or post-rock to doom, sludge and other metal acts, which can now only be defined as post-metal.
A mixture between a powerful sense of intimacy and violent lamentations, the music of Kultika isn’t an attempt at groundbreaking never-before heard music – it is simply the musical expression of its members and their influence; a musical composure void of the individual but filled with personality.

Genre - Atmospheric Sludge | Experimental
Country - Romania (Timisoara)
Influences - Isis, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, Tool, Opeth...
Label - Unsigned
Contact - /

01. Rising from the Sea
02. Insects
03. Water
04. The Strange Innerdweller
05. Cries of Eiram
06. Devouring Vibe
07. Escape into Salvation

Interesting band with much potential.

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