Monday, November 18, 2013

MAYLAND - Morgan (EP) [2013]

Based out of Calgary, AB, Mayland was founded as a two piece collaboration between guitarist Andrew Tyukasz and drummer Jordan Reynard in 2010. After experimenting with a few other artists and recording a few rough demos, bassist Mac Mashford and second guitarist Jorge Chavez joined the band in late 2012. Treading the line between indie rock and post-rock. Opening for acts such as Elvis Was A Blonde and The Gooeys, Morgan has also done live work for Obey The Crooks. With the release of their latest EP, the band is currently working on new material with their new vocalist, Amanda De Kelver.

Genre - Post-rock | Indie | Alternative
Country - Canada (Calgary)
Label - Unsigned

01. Enchilada
02. Dreamland
03. Breaking News
04. Green Skies
05. The Nineteen Nineties
06. Absence
07. Mitch Brayley Kisses Boys and Little Kids
08. Jane Lane

Nice album.

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