Monday, August 12, 2013

OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE - Solis Ocassus (EP) [2013]

Formed from the remnants of various other local acts, Of Modern Architecture has come together with the intention of reinstating the intelligent, mature, constructive aggression that once empowered similar bands, to a style of playing music that has become nothing short of derelict and devoid of artistry over the past few years.
Boasting both highly technical, intricate, widely influenced instrumental tracks, and a backing of fiercely literate, conscientious, perspective-driven, sociopolitical, and philosophical lyrics, the band is determined to make a mark in their local music scene.

Genre - Progressive Math-metal | Post-metal
Country - Canada (Vancouver)
Sounds like - BTB&M, Hacride, Trepalium, Thrice
Label - Unsigned

01. Aphelion
02. Mechanical Bloodlines
03. They Spoke Their Last...
04. A Mathematical Demonstration Of Infinity
05. ... And Then They Were Silent

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