Tuesday, June 18, 2013

KIMONO BEACH PARTY - Je suis lion [2013]

Genre - Math-rock | Indie
Country - UK
Label - Unsigned

01. Haiku
02. Thanks Tom Hanks
03. The Sky Is Symmetrical But The People Are Sad (Interlude I)
04. Synonym For Cinnamon
05. High Spaces & Tall Places (Part I)
06. Gravity (Interlude II)
07. Glacier
08. 8 Hours (Interlude III)
09. My Cat Looks At Me Upside Down Because My Cat Loves Me More Than Your Cat Loves You
10. What's Our Next Move, Chuck?
11. Ontario, Canada (Interlude IV)
12. Wolf Eyes (Part II)
13. I Would Like One Zooey Deschanel, Please

¤¤ Nice Indie/math-rock band ¤¤
Thanks to one of my followers (Dathan) for having recommended his band.

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