Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mr OCTOPUS - Domino effect (EP) [2013]

Genre - Progressive Metal | Atmospheric Djent
Country - Portugal
Sounds like - Cloudkicker, Deely
Label - Unsigned

01. Katee goes kayakking
02. The John Doe Experience
03. Probe
04. Heisenberg effect
05. Chuckie Egg
06. Irrelevant emergency
07. Tomorrow´s a good name for yesterday


  1. Great stuff!
    I heard "The John Doe Experience " in a surf video of Mac Namara in Portugal, and therefore buy/downloaded this album.
    Sounds like Tesseract (UK band), i like that

  2. Sounds ok. I dont like the atmospheric vibe on some of the tracks and it needs some punch fat bass grooves or a power-horse vocal to suit my taste.

  3. Sounds sick!!!
    Love the clean parts and the vibe on all the songs especially Chuckie egg!
    I also dont have to listen to growls all the time!!
    Instrumental rules! Keep up the good work guys!

  4. Very good stuff! I also heard it for the first time in a Mc Namara video, surfing huge waves in Nazaré, Portugal, and tha was insane!