Monday, December 3, 2012

CERB / KYASURI (Split EP) [2012]

Genre - Atmospheric Post-rock | Soundscape
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01.Cerb - Beijing Fury
02.Cerb - On The Outside Fading In
03.Cerb - A Map To Northern Sleep
04.Cerb - El Mariposear Del Alma
05.Cerb - Forever
06.Kyasuri - The Darkness That Wears Your Face
07.Kyasuri - Dry Eyes Dry Times
08.Kyasuri - A Shrine For Friends Like Cotton
09.Kyasuri - Chinks In The Armor Of The Heart


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing my album! Means a lot to me. It's this kind of blogs that keep the music alive. Keep up the good work ;)

    Kind regards,


  2. thx Wouter
    i appreciate bands like your whose sharing their music free.
    Mainstream and piracy dont have any interest for me anymmore i prefer support unsigned bands.