Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TRANSCEND THE SKIES - Paradigm (EP) [2012]

"We give you our debut EP, Paradigm. This album, which was supposed to be released this time last year, has given us more challenges and trouble than you could imagine. It has truly been a test of finances, patience, and perseverance for all five of us. But in a way, it's all worth it now that we can finally present something to you all that we are proud of. If you download it, we truly hope you enjoy it in one aspect or another. With much love and appreciation, Transcend the Skies"

Genre - Progressive Metalcore | Ambient
Country - Canada
Sounds like - The Contortionist, Misery Signals, Your Memorial, It Prevails
Label - Unsigned

01.Paradigm Shift
02.The Event Horizon (Ft. Brandon Gatten of Three Crowns)
04.Aegis VII

Guys, this band is totally AWESOME, you must check it out now!

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