Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TIME KEEPER - Random Waves [2012]

Time Keeper is post-rock band from Saigon, Vietnam. The band became officially active in April of 2012 .
The band's style of music is influenced by the genres of electronic and classical ,ambient , and also by noise and random bursts of experimental tones .
Time Keeper sound is characterised by the lead guitars of Tô , make extensive use of reverb, distortion and delay effects . The guitars are surrounded and encompassed by keys, drums and other worldy sounds provided by the second half of Time Keeper, Giang, whom also adds production techniques to each track , Pi play bass .

Genre - Post-rock | Ambient | Experimental
Country - Viet Nam
Influences - EITS, TWDY, GIAA...
Label - Giang Records

01. Intro Random Waves
02. Walk in time
03. 3 canh
04. Get one
05. Ghost Dance
06. The Sound Of Spirit
07. Sunday
08. Estacy
09. Forest Life
10. Winner
11. TimeKeeper

Really creative post-rock band from Viet Nam, support them they deserve it!
Download freely the medley here and their last single here.

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